Yuvraaj Review— This Prince and his Story is Retarded

I was in Mumbai a day before the film’s release and read it’s review the next day in a local paper that gave it two stars. It was no surprise to me as I was aghast when I saw it’s theatrical trailer during the intermission of Golmaal Returns at Ramakrishna 70mm, Abids, Hyderabad. On coming back to Hyderabad, in spite of a schedule that would not permit any movie, I dragged my wife and me to Senstation Insomnia to see how one of the most powerful director of our movie industry could have messed up his film. Even though I saw it on it’s 4 day, I’ve been waiting for the time to write it’s review. Allow me to tell you, Yuvraaj is totally a retarded film.

The story is about three brothers—Deven (Salman Khan), Gyanesh (Anil Kapoor) and Danny (Zayed Khan) and their property. They belong to the family of Yuvraaj, a billionaire who leaves most of his wealth to Gyanesh, a mentally challenged guy, and pittance to the others. Deven comes from elsewhere to win over the wealth so that he can marry Anushka (Katrina Kaif) whose father is super rich and challenges Deven about how he can take care of his daughter. From here on, Deven and Danny (both dislike each other) come together to get pally with Gyanesh and make him give them a big share of the property. Meanwhile, the uncle, aunts, nephews, and a niece who walks around the house showing her cleavage are all scheming against Gyanesh. Towards the end, the brothers unite and proclaim their brotherhood.

In case you thought what I wrote above as the story is not retarded then take it from me that the treatment, screenplay, scenes, performances, comedy, sentiment etc. were totally retarded. In fact, my wife slept in the cosy couple-sofa seat of Sensation Insomnia and even I took a nap. Salman, Zahed, Katrina were major let downs with Salman looking puffed and jaded. Anil Kapoor although giving a retarded act somehow adds some interest into the film in the second half. So you can imagine how bad the other’s acted if Anil’s retarded act seemed to be only thing that kinda worked. A R Rahman, poor chap, tries his best to give good music, but how much can such a silly script inspire even the great music guy. Subhash Ghai is totally out of touch, if he really directed this film, and gives a film that joins the Worst Films 2008 Club whose permanent members are Love Story 2050 and Drona.

I am positive that this film must have been directed by the students at Whistling Woods (Ghai’s Film Making School) as their dissertation project or something like that. If you’ve seen Khalnayak, Taal or any other of Ghai’s films you too will feel the same. The moment I saw that Salman, Katrina, and Zayed were starring this film, I knew it was doomed. Avoid watching this film and see it if you had the same curiosity as me. Perhaps thats why it is still playing daily three shows at Ramakrishna 70mm as this post goes to press. Either that, or the guys of Hyderabad and the theater guy have gone nuts! I was stuck initially how exactly to describe this film, but as I drove into the Ramakrishna theaters to watch RNBDJ and saw Anil Kapoor’s poster at the 70mm, I knew it had to be described as retarded.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Way…Way Down!

ps– Mr. Inkenti’s Rating: Yawn…not worth a rating.


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  1. nijuel said

    I dont think so it is retarded film i like the story music and songs very much all the scenes are also so beautiful. i love the filmm

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