Some relief from the proceedings.

The twist to taani through the dancing jodi instrumental bit.

Response is good.

Second half is O.K.

2:15 P.M.

Oh God—-another KANK— hopeless story

1:55 P.M

Change in tone of film. Tilting towards KANK. The story is going down hill. Waiting for it to end


Title song begins.

Placings of songs not impressive


Second half begins with dance pe chance

Nothing exciting in second half so far

1:10 P.M.


First half average, Story is weak

12:55 P.M.

The tribute has begun, but no response.

SRK is in his elements.

Kajol makes an appearence along with others.

12:45 P.M.

Not much dum in the film sofar in this first hour

12:35 P.M.

Looks like the dance competition is major part of the story

12:31 p.M

Bobby begins to change SRK’s look to make him look cool and funky.

Superb response the new look gets.

12:15 a.m

However in these 30 mts so far the story has not moved much

12:8 A.M

haule haule song begins, Response is terrific

So far SRK is carrying the film with his brilliant expressions

12.. A.M. This is a total new SRK, We are seeing.

Superb acting. He is generating humour and emotion

11.55 a.m

Vinay Pathak entry is super and his punk get up is super as Bobby

11.50 a.m

Haule haule mmusic begins, but not song,

whole theatre went bersek

11.44 a.m

flash back begins

Again in SRK style- Girl is already engaged

SRK entry –full scraming from the crowd

He is seen with a bride11.30 a.m

Film begins with shots of golden temple. Response is terrific.

Slow prayer song showing places in Amritsar

11.30 a.m show will begun by 11.30a.m

Rama krishna glitterati, Abids, Hyderabad

12th December, 2008

11.09 A.M

Teeming crowd of youngsters, mostly with school bags and ties, full mass crowd

Black ticket selling in full swing, however, going rate of black ticket is Rs 40 ka Rs 100. this is reflective of ongoing recession, but i expected a going rate of Rs. 150 for SRK- TRF starrer particularly after back to back blockbusters of SRK.


gates are opened for 40,35, 10 ruppes.

Serpentine queue for 35 and 10 rupees extending from theatre to outside theatre

Ticket counter for


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