Mumbai Terror Attacks— Bollywood Style Terror, Remember?

I am posting this as I watch CNN and CNN-IBN, alternatively, just next to me on TV in my hotel room in Chennai. As I approached my flight’s gate at Hyderabad’s aiport, my wife called up to tell me about the Mumbai blasts. Ok, so another set of blasts in a major city, so what? There have been so many such attacks over the past few years that honestly I don’t remember how many where and how anymore. However, later in the day I came to learn that the city of Mumbai is under attack and the hostage drama continues and the entire incident is now over a 24 hours. If you look at the methods of how terror attacks have taken place across Indian cities, I am sure you will agree with me if I say that if Mogambo was alive today, he would say Mogambo Khush Hua…

Much analysis has been done about these attacks in all websites and newspapers, but what I’ve been wanting to write for a long time now is that these attacks bear an uncanny resemblence to movie-style terror. Bombs on bikes, taxis, opening fire in public, and simply riding a car in the middle of the city with weapons firing at people, coming ashore on a boat loaded with weapons?—it is straight out of an action-packed masala film. Remember the ’80s Bollywood films that showed a Mogambo-type character in a hi-tech palace with hi-tech gadgets and wishes to unleash terror all over India? just watch Mr. India or any such films from that time frame—tons of them with a really bad guy wanting to spread havoc and terror in the nation. This is exactly what has been happening in India over the last few years.

Today, in Mumbai, it is a day of shock. Absolute shock. With this incident, there is no security left in India. Period. From this point on, it is only a matter of luck if each day goes by safely. So many attacks and so little has been done by our nation’s leaders. My father always says that life in India is cheap and such incidents will not make any difference. I fear the same may happen even after this incident in Mumbai. Today is truly a sad and shocking day for India. It is high time, I mean really high time, that the govt. got serious about counter-terrorism. Some time back, I was telling my friends that even as I walk on the streets of Hyderabad and I see a stationary vehcile I think if it will be blown up! I later learnt that even they too are begining to think like that.

I don’t think anybody can do anything about terror in India, just like how nobody can do anything about traffic jams in our metros. For this reason, every car has a God photo in the vehicle to protect against unforseen incidents. From now on, lets add something else to our daily prayers along with asking for food, clothing, and shelter…lets add God…don’t let anymore terror attacks happen in India or the world.

Of course, the only guy who can beat the Mogambo of terror is a Mr. India. Where art thou?

ps–the hostage siege still hasn’t ended as this post goes to press. I am going to bed now, I hope all will be well by the time I wake up in the morning along with all Indians.


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  1. Vgossip said

    I think we could learn lessons and why blame govt ….have we as citizens moved our asses to do anything?

    Those who are unaffected by this trauma are already thanking for the long weekend…noone seems to really get the situation, the lives lost…we have become a callous nation

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