Dostana (2008) Review— Just a Gay Comedy

mrinkenti3Other than the gay comedy, more of that later, the only acheivement of this film would be that it helps break a stereotypical image we’ve had all along about Karan Johar films that they are all about rona-dhona-aur-pyaar. In Dostana there is no Karan Johar signature except those that come before the film begins where he says he is missing his family and the fact that the entire film is shot in a foreign country. There is no heavy sentiment, ultra dramatic scenes etc, the film delivers most of what the trailers promise. Yes, it delivers gay comedy in huge doses and episodes of fun, but unfortunately the trio have nothing memorable to tell about their donstana.

dostana_releasedaypicKunal (Abhishek Bachchan) and Sam (John Abraham) are two cool dudes, the first a photographer and the latter a nurse. So cool that they both sleep with girls in the same house, wake up, introduce each other over juice and cereal and go by their day. All of a sudden, Sam and Kunal don’t have a house to stay and find themselves looking for the same house, which only wants two girls in the two available rooms for Neha baby (Priyanka Chopra). For a reason we never know, Sam and Kunal are so desparate for the house that they decide to lie that they are gay. And thus begins the dostana among Sam, Kunal, and Neha; Neha is hot wearing beach-like skimy outfits so obviously Sam and Kunal are drooling over her all the time. No other twists or turns come by which take the story to the next level. Abhimanyu (Bobby Deol) is the new boss for Neha and yes, he too gets attracted to her. Thus, most of the second half is all about how Sam and Kunal misguide Neha, Abhimanyu, and his son and at the end their bluff is called and pay for that act of lie wit a gay kiss in the climax!

The film has the expected gay comedy bits strewn at several places in the film. The best episode in the film is when Sam’s mother Kirron Kher comes from London to Miami when he accidentally gets the snail-mail from the US Postal Dept about her son’s gay status. Add to this, a tiny appearence of a gay Boman Irani. Rest of the film just seems to move on without much point or purpose. Of course, the production house goes all out to remind the audience that this half-baked comedy is coming from the house that brought  you Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with John enacting a SRK in the background. The problem is that the story is not anchored well in a plot. For example, why do Sam and Kunal suddenly need a house? why is Sam so desparate for the house to the extent that he pops the idea of being a gay couple? no sense at all. The story could have been built better.

The best performance in the film is by Abhishek Bachchan who really lives it up being gay. I am sure he must have watched Friends at least adostanabigposter 100 times closely watching the performance of Joey because beleive it or not he acts just like Joey. Same mannerisms, body language, and way of talking. And check out Abhishek narrating the origins of their gay love and you feel he finally got a role that fits him best! John Abraham is fine and takes his shirt more number of times than Salman would. Bobby Deol looks like a dumb zomby-like cartoon with the same expression(s) whether he is happy or sad. Priyanka Chopra is fine, same act as usual, but here she looks like a LUX-TV Ad all throughout the film. The taking of the songs are good in the first half–maa da ladla is fun to watch. Shilpa Shetty sizzles (pointing to her breats as ‘yeh jawaniyan’) though in wierd outfits in Shut Up and Bounce that rolls as the titles begin. At several place in the film you wonder why Abhishek Bachchan ever agrees to do films along with handsome hunks who are showing their bodies of steel—he made this mistake in Dhoom and now agian here. Yes, the final gay kiss between the two lead actors is shot like the highpoint of the film. Parents wanting to take their kids might want to talk about being or not being gay.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Only One Thumb Up. Has its share of fun, but it is gay and has a pointless story.



  1. venus said

    I haven’t watched but its obviously much awaited. I know its gonna be great for sure. A recommended one

  2. Bang on the head. I couldn’t agree more with you. I share the same opinion in my review.

  3. joylynford said

    Dostana was well comedy film. It entertain the audience very much. It is full time pass movie. The acting done by John and Abhishek was mind blowing.

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