Quantum of Solace Review— Quantum of Entertaining Bond-Masala Missing

mrinkenti2From the auto-driver to the guy in the BMW, from the little kid to the 65 year old if there is one movie line that has become part of mainstream cultures across the world it is Bond…James Bond. James Bond is the most accepted global figure who is a super human working for the government, driving-thrashing up state-of-the-art cars, sleeping with the ladies, and walking away cooly adjusting his tie. Irrespective of the conspiracy theories which senslessly plot for the end of the world present in most Hollywood thriller-spy-action films, every Bond film is eagerly looked forward to because the package contains a masala sachet that has all the above mentioned ingredients. It is this masala that adds to the taste. Quantum of Solace is a well directed noodle package that comes without the Bond-Masala sachet.

quantumsolace_englishThe film takes off where Casino Royale (another boring Bond film) finished. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go rent it and watch. What you need to know if you haven’t seen the previous one is that In Casino Royale Bond is in love and he thinks that his lady love betrayed him and dies. So, in Quantum of Solace, Bond is after that truth that is out there about why his love cheated him and then died. Now, coming to Quantum of Solace, the film begins with the news that the enemies (whoever they are) have infilterated the networks of CIA and the British Secrect Service etc. To the extent that the enemy spies even make an attempt to kill Bond and his mother-like boss, M. Bond then sets off all over the world to find out who and why an assination attempt was made on his boss. During this process, he is ruthlessly killing all the survivors and clues and we are made to beleive that it is because he is emotionally disturbed over his love’s death. Bond also finds out that an organization called Greene Planet is actually buying off local governments in poor countries, exploiting their resources, and basically running their countires. Bolivia for example. Apparently, this organization and its evil boss are creating artificial scarcity for water. Now, dont ask any questions about this absurd story as nothing is clear even by the time the film completes.

Needless to say, the evil guy is caught and killed and Bond also finds out that his love did not betray him quantumsolace_teluguafter all—she infact was blackmailed and to save Bond’s life gives up her’s. Who and why are the enemies trying to kill M and Bond? Whats with the artifical scarcity of water?—Nothing gels. The story of the film is dissapointing. It is slick, fast, and there’s lots of action going on. James Bond is silent for the most part, does not smile, is always serious and brutal whenever he can. Only one scene where he seems to be flirting with a girl and only one scene where he kisses her back—so, no hot scenes in this B-film! (i mean, Bond film). The two girls in the film do not impress at all. No new car, no bond girls, not even the Bond…James Bond. The title track is awful. Oh yes, I must mention that I saw the film in Telugu and I must say that it was not bad at all. In fact, the Telugu Bond’s voice was royal and much better than Daniel Craig’s. The only place where audience at Sandhya 35mm broke into a laugther was when Bond shouts at a guy in Russia with a gun to his head asking him if he doesn’t understand Telugu! Even the Telugu version could not make this film amusing; it is that serious.

Daniel Craig as James Bond is deadly and that is the only world I can think off. He doesn’t look romantic or glamorous though. But cummon now, why a Bond film without all the mandatory Bond elements? If you are new to Bond films, like my wife and her cousin sister, then please don’t watch this one for starters (though both of them liked it). I remember when the title Quantum of Solace was announced all Bond fans felt it just didn’t fit the Bond culture and sure enough neither does the film. In fact, Richard Corliss of TIME in his review said that this film is more like a Bourne series film. In which case, Bourne Ultimatum was on TV just the other day and it was much more exciting with deadly background music. Oh yes, even the Bond theme music was missing or hardly there from the latest installment. I feel a deadly and awesome Bond in the form of Danial Craig is being wasted in Bond films that are not juicy and dry without any entertainment.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down!



  1. Wibin said

    I’m a Bourne fan….though I must say this…U think Casino Royale was boring?….for the record, it was the best grossing Bond movie ever!!!….when everyone thought Bond was a thing of the past, he was back like never before, breaking all records with Casino Royale….it was a Bond movie made for the Bourne generation in the post Bourne Identity world….and about ‘Quantum of Solace’…yeah it wasn’t able to match its predecessor….though it has some breath taking action sequence and a storyline which has quite well followed up with Casino Royale

    “Needless to say, the evil guy is caught and killed and Bond also finds out that his love did not betray him after all—she infact was blackmailed and to save Bond’s life gives up her’s. Who and why are the enemies trying to kill M and Bond? Whats with the artifical scarcity of water?”

    the evil guy you thought is Vesper’s thought boyfriend….and he isnt the evil guy of the movie and the movie doesnt reveal him getting killed!!…..the CIA is protecting this unkwon organisation and Mi-6 has decided not to listen to CIA instead decides to kill the leader of this organisation…..”the artifical scarcity of water?”….they are palnning take over the world’s most available natural resource for some unknown reason( may be for some kind of world dominating technological purpose)….that reason along with name of unknown organisation and ever growing mystery of Vesper will be answered in the sequel to the movie i guess!!( again taking a leaf out from the Bourne franchise)….Quantum of Solace is a good sum up for the next Bond movie

    mann!!……either you are out of your mind or most likely you have no clue what-so-ever what both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace was all about!!!

  2. sundar said

    I think you should stick to reviewing Telugu and SRK stuff which is your forte……..u must be the first reviewer over the globe to have given this movie a thumbs down….

  3. raman said

    I don’t agree with the above comments. I think Mr. Inkenti’s review has been within the range of what most moviegoers and critics have said about Quantum of Solace—that it is unlike a Bond film and more like a Bourne Film.

    Check out the critics rating of B- given by the Hollywood media http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809961074/critic

  4. Shwetha said

    too good rathavu ra nuvvu reviews.

  5. Vasco said

    Aaaah ….i see the problem now. You had NO clue about the movie did you? All you wanted to see was Bond sexing up some girls and slinging around some gadgets. And if ‘background music makes a film ‘deadly’…Just stick to your golti films.Cos you know NOTHING about true cinema. Absurd story it seems.

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