Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi First Song Promo is a Super-Hit!

Haule Haule we see Shahrukh Khan taking a bath in the outdoors in old-style, making his toast, eating alone, washing his dishes, riding and getting on and off the good old scooter with number plate PB 02 AC 2001 with PUNJAB POWER written on the leather cover. The song is good, and SRK adds the magic touch with his slow and gracious hand movements and trademark facial expressions.

The first song promo, 70 secs, for RNBDJ is a super-hit without a doubt because it continues to keep up the tempo the First Look set. We see a different SRK doing what he does best always, but the packaging is different. The heroine is a disappointment though. Definitely will not pull the crowds in like Deepika did for OSO. If she is supposed to be the oridnary jodi that the movie is talking about then she does fit that bill of being ordinary and decent. The backdrop setting of the basti or colony is superb, photography and all the related works are top class.

The song is good, yea…just good. I am eagerly waiting for the album. Will the album have any blockbuster-classic love songs? or will they all be just good like Haule Haule? SRK says the film wants to make a point and as I already wrote the point is as old as the hills so what needs to be seen is the story–will it captivate the heart?


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  1. Srikantt said

    Of Course this promo only heightens the tension…As far as music is concerned The music director duo have said in an interview that the best track in the album is the title song ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ sung by Abhijeet.
    Watch out Mr Inkenti…Please be the first one to review the OST.

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