Yuvvraaj Theatrical Trailer— Absolutely Unimpressive!

The trailer came as a complete shock to me. Ramakrishna 70mm played the theatrical trailer of Yuvvraaj during the interval for Golmaal Returns. The first frame of titles along with the violin (which reminds me of Pardes) was greeted with whistles, but as the trailer rolled on the whistles faded and I was in for a shock!

Salman Khan looks jaded, tired, stressed, and is in need for lots of rest and meditation. Firstly, the trailer was badly cut. Secondly, if the trailer is anything to go by then the content of the film seems to stand on shaky ground. It looks like the film is about three brothers with the family name of Yuvvraaj. Katrina, how hopeless she is with this emotional role, is telling us the story about this fatherless family and goes on to use a word, which unfortunately I am not able to recollect but it was absurd. Apparently, the three brothers are fighting over the property and because of all this Salman Khan is a man with no-heart for love or something like that. Calling the trailer unimpressive is being nice to Subash Ghai, whose films I fondly remember, but actually the trailer was quite trashy.

Hmm…why would Subash Ghai take actors that just can’t act? Now, my next question is what kinda story is that? I hope I eat my own words once the film releases, but for now if the trailer is anything to go by I am least interested in this flick. Yuvvraaj releases on November 14th. Nope, this trailer is not yet on YouTube.com.


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