Why Ghajini’s First Trailer is Just Average

Just a day before Aamir Khan’s December 25th release Ghajini’‘s first trailer came out, Taran Adarsh wrote that it was like the roar of a lion. Thats when I knew that it would definitely not be anything like that. Sure enough, just a couple of hours before going to burst the crackers on diwali day I saw the first trailer on indiafm.com and it was just average. Why? lets put the blame on Samsung.

Did anymone take a look Ghajini’s first look? it was quite good, but again the suspense, curiousity, and thrill was just missing because we already saw the first look of Ghajini in Samsung’s Next is What? campaign with Aamir Khan. No doubt, the hair style is a hit (I’ve seen atleast a couple of guys with that hair cut). So there ends the fizz. Now, coming to the 59 sec trailor, Aamir looks too beefy and it does quite suit his small frame body, but there is no focus on the haircut. We are shown his love interest–a gorgeous Asin, a millionarie Amir walking down a jet with bodyguards, and loads of evidence to suggest that there will be death, revenge, violence, and action. The action scenes have a heavy south-indian overdose. The biggest dissapointment is the music. It just doesn’t sound anything like A R Rahman (ARR); it could be any one from Vishal-Shekar to Jatin-Lalit. The ARR Stamp is missing. The text that appears also is most unimpressive: this december…forget everything…remember Ghajini.. what is that?…That does not tell anything about the film.

To sum it up, Ghajini’s first trailer lacks the punch. It does not even build up any curiousity about the film and with Aamir in the lead this trailer design comes as a surprise. It looks like, the hindi version will be a faithfull reproduction of the Tamil original and blockbuster hit with the same name starring Surya. Lets wait and see how the music comes out. For now, Ghajini’s first trailer gets Mr. Inkenti’s Thumbs Down!



  1. Kalyan said

    He’s big time into steriods i reckon. The body that he built up look way too artificial.

  2. NITIN said

    KALYAN …


  3. pravin said

    amir is looking so cute ……………
    and who is tht saying that the body is artificial ……… i challenge u make ur body like that
    artificialy or really……. no matter………………

  4. pinakee priyadarshan said

    hey who’s said that aamir body looks artifial………..n ghajini is going 2 rock.no doubt about that.it will beat rab ne………cant wait for 25th december.

  5. B said

    Ghajini is a wonderful flick in whihc Surya has doen his part really well
    I wish Surya had acted in the HIndi version also..he is that good. But inspite of everything the plot is different and Asin is there as she was in the Tamil version so this is definitely gonna be a bigger hit than any movie this year. I agree that A R rahman’s music is a disappointment. The tamil ghajini had the most melodious songs and choreography was just perfect.

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