Roadside Romeo Review— The Dog has No Story to Tell

Ten minutes in to this film and I am sure Papa Chopra would have put a white cloth on his head and sat through in disbelief and hoping that their december 12th release will give the banner he built its glory back. Roadside Romeo is another addition of dissapointments to list of forgettables from Yash Raj Films (YRF). It is quite clear that Aditya Chopra, the producer, did not even bother to read the script else he would have known that he is putting in money in to a no-story, no-plot, no-emotion, no-character animated film called Roadside Romeo that too in partnership with world famous Walt Disney.

We are shown in a five minute flashback song that Romeo is a dog used to the lifestyle of the rich & famous and when his owner’s kid fancy a new dog in London they leave Romeo to the roadside. Romeo begins to see how un-cool the outside world is and shows-off his coolness to some roadside dogs and forms a gang that will open an saloon. The purpose? to earn enough dog-currency (i.e bones) to live a cool life. Then, Romeo–the dog meets Liala–the bitch (thats what a female dog is called, isn’t it?). Liala dares Romeo to dance with her on stage in front of everyone and she will also fall in love with Romeo. However, Liala happens to be the heart-throb of local don, Charlie Anna. Romeo tells Charlie Anna that he will make Liala fall in love with him, but is caught red-handed when his bluff is called and has to confront Charlie Anna and loses Liala’s love. Anyways, a climax ensues where Romeo saves Charlie Anna from the Muncipality van and Charlie Anna brings Liala to Romeo.

Saif Ali Khan’s voice for Romeo is great and is the only aspect of the film that keeps its spirit alive. Kareena Kapoor once again proves that she is the Iron Leg of Bollywood (any film she stars either is a flop or is subect to criticism; exception is Jab We Met). Her voice for Liala is too artificial and lacks talent. Javeed Jaffery’s south indian tamil ascented hindi for Charlie Anna is a big letdown; it is full of over-action and you can’t even understand what he is saying.  Romeo’s tapori gang just does not click as they all try to talk like munnabhai. The biggest problem with the film is that there is no story to tell. Jugal Hansraj does a pathetic job with the story, screenplay, and direction. An animated film needs to be intelligent and Roaside Romeo is plain dumb trying to be like a Yash Raj musical. Nothing wrong in being filmy, but it will work if the story is intelligent. The world of the dogs was not even shown. If they the collaboration with Walt Disney could have been on story and character development, the film would have been better I guess.

Technically the film is better that all the animated films we have seen so far coming from Bollywood. However, there is not even one scene that is fun and nothing that has emotional depth, both of which are essential for an animated film to strike a chord with audience. There is also nothing interesting for the kids. The only interesting experience we had was that a few college punks sitting the balcony of Senstation Insomnia were having a fun time whistling away at the cartoons and their filmy antics—a kiss/smooch scene, DDLJ type climax, and characters imitating heroes etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am deriding this film because of camparison to Hollywood animation films film are high on emotion, story, depth, humor, and intelligence in addition to technology. As a product by itself, Jugal Hansraj completely messes up the film from the concept stage itself. The songs are bad and cause more irritation. The only saving grace for the film is that it is just one and half hours so thanks director for that.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down! Don’t torture yourself and your kids with this film.


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  1. I read somewhere that dogs are way more intelligent than cats

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