Dostana Music Review— Unimpressive Film Album and an Average Pop Album

I saw the trailer of Dostana during the interval of a disasterours movie experience called Drona. As the Dharma Productions banner began forming on the screen with ‘that’ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai music [], I could hear the guys behind me at Ramakrishna Gliteratti go NoooOoooHHH! [read oh no, it is that karan johar again] This reaction aptly summarizes the kind of stereotypical image that Karan Johar has developed with just a couple of films. Karan, it is high time for you to change that music for the banner! However, thankfully, this time around Dostana‘s music and trailer offers non-Johar material.

Dostana does not offter the typical music one expects from a Karan Johar’s produced or directed film, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily good/great. Somehow I felt that the six tracks are unimpressive as film music album, but work well as a private pop album that too an average one. Broadly, there are four peppy numbers and two slow-medium love songs. Maa Da Laadla [typical punjabi pop], Shut Up and Bounce, Desi Girl [a wannabe Pretty Woman type] are peppy-pop numbers. Jaane Kyun is a cool breezy number, its pretty different and good but I hope it is not a clean lift from somewhere. Kuch Kam and Khabar Nahi are slow love numbers, which don’t quite fit into the fun-mood of the film and i smell that parts of the film will be uncessarily senti and slow.

No song has the feel of a movie-song. Given the film is based in the sunny beaches of Miami, USA, and bikini-Priyanka the songs fit that beach-feel. However, the songs lack the punch and are difinitely not worthy to be part of Karan Johar’s musical and movie blockbuster family. The theme is quite bizzare, about two guys lieing to a pretty girl that the are gay and the disaster news is that the film is starred by three highly inept and useless names among bolywood actors—John ‘useless’ Abraham, Abhishek ‘Drona’ Bachchan, and Priyanka ‘2050’ Chopra. Lets see how this fully-multiplex-centric film fares at the box-office when it releases on November 14th.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Save your Rs 160/- and hear them on FM.

Mr. Inkenti’s Pick: Jaane Kyun



  1. rahul said

    it’s a great album! And, this is a truly off-the-mark review.

  2. Veresh said

    Ok album and reviews are upto the mark

  3. disagreer said

    i disagree with you!
    Im in love with the song desi girl!!!!!
    You should give credit to that.

    The young generation would definitely like it…….maybe its because of your age you don’t like it…….then your not really doing your job

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