Yuvvraaj Music Review— No Taal In This One

A long time back, pre-Taal, I was excited while reading a Subhash Ghai interview that 75% of the narration in Taal will be through music. Since childhood I was a fan of Subhash Ghai and his blockbusters and also a fan of A R Rahman, who at that time was nothing less than God creating new sounds of music with each big album. We all know about Taal, it was, is, and always be a gem. Now when, Subhash Ghai and ARR are coming back again, in the backdrop of a rather classy/western poster, the expectations are bound to be sky high. However, the music of Yuvvraaj does not quite have the taal to make it a musical blockbuster.

Honestly, I don’t quite know what the movie is about. The tag line reads MUSIC BINDS LOVE. Hmm…ok, quite interesting…looks like another musical love story. Makes sense with ARR as the music director. Next, the posters so far look quite classy, like Western classical-ish. So what exactly do we expect? I don’t know, but at least as a Subhash Ghai, ARR, and Taal fan, I should expect a good music album that I can play in my car and enjoy. But unfortunately, the album does not quite deliver. Most of the songs seem to be part of a narration, like a musical. Of course, the quality of the music, some music bits, orchestration are really good, but there is nothing path breaking coming from ARR to fit the tag line of the film. I am positive, however, the songs will look better on screen and might fit well with the narration. We will have to wait for the film’s release. However, as a separate CD album to purchase, it might not come close to any of the previous musical blockbusters of Subhash Ghai or ARR. There are a mix of genres–little bethovan, thoda pappu cant dance type, melody, some south indian raaga types etc. And the most annoying part of the album is Salman Khan’s really irritating intro in his own voice for a song. The same old typical Salman stuff even for a film that promises to be creative and different and again we get to hear Salman talking as though in a David Dhawan film that he will be the superstar. I wonder why even Subhash Ghai choose Salman, good luck to the film.

I thought there will some solid Western classicial stuff or maybe some solid fusion, but nothing. Honestly, I feel ARR is losing this touch. Even Jaane Tu…had only a couple of hit numbers, the rest of them just worked cuz the movie was youthfull, peppy, and well made. From the vagueness of the poster, so-so music, I wonder how this film will turn out to be. To add to this, it looks like Ghai is making a very thoughtful musical film with two very untalented stars who just cant’ act–Salman and Katrina. Good Luck Ghai!

I know that all hardcore ARR fans have come with a new theory that if you listen to his music 2,3, to 25 times you will see the beauty in it. This applies to any song by any composer. The point is–is it paisa vasool? can we put in our money, Rs. 160, and buy the album? do the songs entertain? Save your money, and listen to it on raaga.com for now and wait for the film to release.

Mr. Inkenti Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down.

Mr. Inkenti’s Pick: Manmohini Morey, Tu Muskura



  1. DJ said

    i agree and also also disagree

    shano was super cool,zindagi was a heart-movin song,and tu hi mrei dost is also good

    mastam,dil ki rishta and tu muskara were also quite good

    so,not a thumbs down,but may be an average or slightly above that

    and 2nd point,i agree

    listening to any song quite number of times makes u addicted to it,be it any song

    but again,yeah……….ive expected a lot more than this from arr

  2. Siddharth said

    I hope you are not a music expert of any kind . So before spewing on musical matters and that too concerning the Genius himself, Allah Rakha Rahman and that filled with criticism , jus give a thought Mr. I never mean to offend you but Yuvvraaj is not a so-so music by any standards .Especially Dil ka Rishta is heavenly and a world class avant-garde composition. And look at other compositions , can any mortal produce those class acts.So please BEFORE commenting on Rahman , jus brush up your level of thinking and then scribble..!!!!..Respect him man ..He is THE GOD ..!!

  3. DJ said

    c’mon siddharth…….its his review

    i mean,dats wat he felt like when he first listened to da album….first inpression is the best as usual

    i myself didnt like any song in it except zindagi

    but da next day,i shano shano was spinnin in my head and the other song tu hi meri………

    since we r arr fans,we can take anythin…………..

    so peace bro

  4. arun said

    ur review sucks………go & hang urself

  5. shaddy said

    the album rockzzzzz….ur review is al crap

  6. Kunal said

    I had expected a lot from the team of Taal, though this album Yuvvraaj could not be termed average,it lacks the passion for music recognisable in Taal.I liked to hear Tu Meri Dost Hai from the album, but now an admirer of Tu Muskara….thats the song where A.R.Rahman taps the talented Alka Yagnik.Mastam lyrics fall short of the melody,Gulzar should had put in Peppy words to the lyrics in Mastam.Other songs though hummable are not remarkable.I think Ghai made a hurry in getting the album finished.2/5 could be my score for Yuuvraaj.

  7. tarun said

    ..u dont know nethn abt music ..how dare ppl like u think of reviewing rahmans work..m sorry sir , u better stick to himmace bhai…u r a complete disgrace..don’t even call urself a rahman fan…..

  8. gemmy said

    The review that he has written is just rubbish…

    In this movie, like every movie… rahman has tried to make songs that fits the movie situation….

    Every single song is just mindblowing….orchestration is just remarkable….k

  9. suman chatterjee said

    rahman ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
    critics can take a walk..

  10. Vivek said

    Salman Khan, ARR and SubhashGhai !!!! WOW a lethal combination. Can u handle it. And Salman by all means a Great actor and Super Start.

  11. sandeep s said

    oh ya ?
    and i guess nxt we’ll see praises heaped upon mindless crappy ‘music’ in even crappier flicks lyk golmaal returns, kidnap,bachna…,karzzzz
    4got ur brains b4 penning down dis review mr reviwer ?
    its bcuz of listeners lyk u dat d nation has 2 suffer ‘hits’ lyk pritam,himesh etc

    arr has a class of his own n ur liking or disliking d music of yuvvraaj makes a peanut of a difference 2 his status n success.
    every song in yuvvraaj has such a tasteful n eclectic blend of western n indian classical music.close ur eyes,turn d lights off n listen 2 d songs again sweetheart .d delicate orchestration n unique rhythm patterns wid ballisic vocals will blow ur mind…………….best of luck.

  12. Jasmine said

    I also didn’t like the music of Yuvraaj…I think this is one of Rahman’s worst pieces…unimpressive. Feels like the same old tunes.

  13. sans said

    yuvvraaj is nothin in front of taal or dil se.. or any other rahmans previous albums……i hope he is nt losin his talent

  14. sans said

    i have grown up listenin to his music may be its tamil or hindi or english..bt yuvvraaj was unexpected……its worse…am feelin bad…..

  15. Kirps said

    When I first heard the music, I too had mixed feelings. Probably because like everyone else, my expectations were high too. Later, after I really started listening to each of the songs repeatedly (like we always do with most of ARR songs), it created a sensational feeling of how this genius could create such complex compositions of music from the west, north and south. It’s always easy to just create peppy numbers for the sake of making hit music. But it’s not an easy task of trying to give something different/new and at the same time make it listen-able. One good thing I like about ARR is the fact the even a no-brainer could listen to his music and enjoy. You don’t need to learn and understand the intricacies of music to like his music.
    Yuvvraaj is definitely one of the path breaking compositions from ARR till date and will be remembered in days to come. Kudos to ARR.

  16. irshaad said


    A R RAHMAN’s music is just out of this world…See the record sales of Yuuvraaj……..its audio sales says it all…IT HAS RECORD AUDIO SALES…

    Hatts Off to SIR A R RAHMAN….Just compare it with other movies of the year…it is a treat for ever…

  17. sans said

    Rahman is an international phenomenon producing music at a level higher than anybody else right now. Listen to him…

  18. sans said

    listen u slum dog millionare….. u il forget everythin… its his best work since last decade…!!!!!!!!!!! listen to his song “jai ho”……

  19. sans said

    rahman rocksssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n wil always

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