Karzzz (Karz 2008) Review— Fails to Pay its Karz to Fans

There are two categories of fans that Karzzz (how many zzz are they anyway?!), the remake of Subhash Ghai’s Karz–Blockbuster entertainer of 1980, is expected to pay its dues to: fans of blockbuster-80s-karz type massala films and Himesh Reshammiya (HR) fans. For both these reasons I too was eagerly awaiting the film’s release and hoping that it will deliver massala entertainment. My hope became intense as there are no fireworks on silver screen this Diwali (since SRK couldn’t make it on schedule). Unfortunately, for HR fans, Karzzz just does not have the punch that massala-reincarnation films need to have and hence does not deliver on several fronts.

Karzzz is the story of love, betrayal, and revenge. Ravi Verma (Dino Moria) is a millionarie madly in love with Kamini (Urmila Matondkar) who kills him by throwing him off a flight a few days after marriage for his wealth. She does this because a villian by name Sir Juda strikes a deal with her. Ravi’s mother prays to Durga Maa for her son and in true reincarnation style Ravi is born as Monty–the rock star. 25 years after Ravi’s death, Monty begins to see flashes of his past birth and is determined to find the secrets of his past. Upon realizing the truth, he wants to bring justice to his mother, sister, and seek revenge on Kamini. To do this, Monty becomes close to Kamini and even convinces her that he is indeed her husband from 25 years back (he sings, repeats romantic lines, and even recites their suhaag raat details (of course, the audience are not lucky enough to hear these) to convince her!). But he maintains that he does not know how he died and wants to get that confession out of her. He finally does, and in the climax Kamini crashes into the same place where Ravi Verma died after chasing Monty on the ground from the air.

The only aspect of the film that works in the film is Himesh Reshammiya’s haunting voice (for Lut Jaon). Thats it, the rest of the film just does not click. Monty’s love interest, Tina, played by Indra Kumar’s daugther (director of Beta, Raja, Dil) is pure disappointment. Urmila looks differnt at different places (pre-interval backless dress is probably the best scene of the film). Her make up is over done at times, sometimes we see her wrinkles, and at times she looks like an aunty and just does not have the grace and evil that her character is supposed to carry. The biggest problem with the film is the narration, which has not been modified to suit present day tastes and expectations. There is no suspense and no tension between the two most important characters–Kamini and Monty. You wonder why Kamini freaks out when it is revealed to her that Monty indeed knows how Ravi Verma got killed? It would have been a better and bigger freak-out had it been kept till the end that she didnt know who Monty really was. The murder of Ravi Verma by Kamini just does not have the power and disgust that can evoke the feelings of revenge that cuts across two life times. And the biggest drawback of the film is that it is entirely set in South Africa, Kenya (read studio settings for the most part). Through out the film you see only residents of South Africa and Kenya dancing and walking around. My simple question to T-series and Satish Koushik: why not India?

The director has simply and faithfully lifted from the original without putting in any efforts to be creative. Yea, a few changes, just a little, here and there to the story and much to the film’s disadvantage the twists are useless. The characterizations are not strong, suspense and tension are missing, entertainment and masala is absent, too many songs and that too most of them are average. As for Himesh Reshammiya, there is honesty in his eyes, just like how I felt while watching his debut Aap Ka Suroor (which worked because of great songs, nice massala, and a juicy new heroine). Himesh tries his best to put up a good show, but is disappointed by the narration and treatment.There is also no highlight scene worth the mention, which is absolutely essential for a massala entertainer.

Adlabs-Goldspot, in Hyderabad, where I saw the film was empty with the few crowd in there heckling and laughing at the film. The booking at all multiplexes in Hyderabad has been very weak, but I wonder how the film is doing at the single screens. Whatever it may be, the film lacks the fizz. Only Himesh’s haunting voice when he begins the film and a couple of numbers are good. All the songs have the same look and feel, no special efforts to make a musical extravaganza.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down.



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  2. Muzique said

    Well, I am looking forward to the movie because I like the songs so far. It is hard to make a remake and be successful as most people know the story line. So lets hope they have added some nice touches to the movie. As for the 1980’s Karz, if my research is correct, Karz 1980 WAS NOT A HIT.. The music of 1980’s Karz was hit and I believe it got the music award of the year as well. But the movie itself was not a hit, and it certainly was not a blockbuster. And as for the movie makers, I guess if the movie generates more revenue than the expenses occurred, they will consider it a hit and successful! And something tells me it will make the money because Himesh has a lot fan following! not only that, there is also an audience that curious about this movie.. So I think in terms of finances they will make it!!

  3. artoflife said

    A movie which should not be watched even when you have lot of leisure. Himesh gives pathetic action, depressing style, and horrifying songs.

  4. Shikha said

    I liked the movie actually. Could have been better but it wasn’t bad. I think Urmila did a great job. I did not want to see her killed in the end 😦 I like Himesh and I liked the songs overall, but I wish he had a different more realisitc hairstyle. The hair looked kinda fake and didn’t suit him much. Shweta is a sweet looker.

  5. raju said

    I love this girl shikha( who left comments for the movie), she is sweet and nice to all. I also think that movie was ok!

  6. shila said

    im juz himesh fans…i tink people shud not hate him…he kinda did a great job in this film…

  7. irshaad ahmad said

    Himesh rocks with this boring film as he himself is a bore…take care himesh u rock sir..

  8. Credo said

    You are a bunch of pathetic losers. Instead of watching a Himess film, go fly a kite. Thats better entertainment.

  9. Vasudev said

    I dont understand why himesh is making fun of Such Gr8 Bollywood Movie….he shud bring up sumthing original…….

  10. Aashna said

    I think that people who dont have any kinda work watch himesh’s movie…..he is frkin crz guy who is tryin to look young with stupidest hairstyle…..!!!!

  11. Bilal said

    idiots!….y cant u guys give himesh a chance instead of shahrukh and hrithik,, i think himesh did a very good job…. his songs are the best, come directly from the heart…..

    who ever calls himesh a loser, is a loser himself cause he cant see someone else going ahead of them…..i look forward to watching his next movie….

    btw he did a hair transplant…. i think he looked cool!

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