The Himesh Reshammiya Phobia

We all know about the the Himesh Reshammiya (HR) mania–whether it is Hyderabad or Delhi, auto or gym we hear HR crooning away to glory. But did you know about the HR phobia? I began observing it among my friends and colleagues while convincing them in vain to go for the First Day First Show of Karzzz with me.

Two more days to go for Karzz, which is releasing in 20 single screen theaters in Hyderabad city in addition to 5 multiplex chains (Prasads, PVR, Adlabs, CinePlanet, Talkie Town). By any standard, this is a release that honors the Star status of Himesh Reshammiya. However, the advance booking for Karzzz at Prasads, Hyderabad, which is the busiest multiplex in the city, opened to a rather slow response. What caught me by surprise is that only three shows will be screened the opening day (Prasads does even 10 for major releases). On the other hand, Karzzz will open in three main theaters–Ramakrishna 70mm, Santosh 70mm, and Padmavathi 35mm, which goes to show HR’s mass star status. This is a rare feat for any star. Be sure to see masses thronging the single screens.

This actually fits well with the HR phobia I am observing among my friends. I am not a HR fan, but I enjoy the mass hysteria he has created. However, none of my friends are prepared to watch Karzzz on the FDFS. They are not willing to watch it even if they are paid a Rs 1000! They freak out in astonishment when they hear of HR. To be honest, even I was like this untill I saw Aap Ka Suroor. Nope, I didn’t become his fan, but I was bowled over by his fan following. I bought the ticket in black (Rs30 ka Rs100) on the third day for a morning show and there was hysteria inside the theater. Every line he spoke there was applouse! I tell this story to all my friends who think HR is nothing but total waste. Yes, I went alone to watch it as none of my friends were willing to come.

It is the same story now for me with Karzzz. It will be interesting to see how the director, Satish Koushik, will re-create the 1980-Karz magic, which had blockbuster songs, performances, and faces. For Aap Ka Suroor, there was the initial curiosity to watch HR as a hero, but this time around it will depend on how the film is delivered. Lets see how Mass Star Himesh Reshammiya delivers his Karzzz to his fans on October 17th, 2008. With no other major release, Karzzz is the diwali blockbuster release. Good luck Himesh! Let the box office fireworks begin!


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