Bollywood Meltdown & Crisis— Goldie Behl’s Drona Sequel!

Move over the Global Financial Crisis, Stock Markets being butchered the world over, and “toxic assets” of our financial institutions, there is much danger on the way. Just as I was reading all the news about the meltdown of global markets and preparing to blog about it, my computer screen nearly cracked reading this piece of news on that Goldie Behl is determined to make a sequel to the disasterous Drona!

You’ve got to the read the article to believe what I am saying. Mr. Behl feels that he made a wonderful fantasy film for kids at a time when families have no option but to see violence and sex comedies. Further, Abhishek Bachchan who was at this worst playing the grumpy Drona is supportive of the idea because he feels that the unit did something new and original and anything new takes time to grow. Clearly, the two are completely deranged. Whats seems to have excited Goldie Behl even as audience across the country are simply not showing up to watch his film or leaving once the film has started is that Shahrukh Khan and his son have loved the film. Now, we all know that SRK surprised everyone by attending Drona’s preview show with the Bachchan parivar. Either SRK and his son are deranged or SRK is falsely encouraing Abhishek-Goldie combo to deliver Drona-2 and make a complete ass out of themselves, further taking revenge on the Bachchans.

From the first day first show audience have kept away from this film. Now, I wonder who will produce the sequel and what Eros will say when Goldie floats the idea. If EROS really has so much money then instead of producing Drona-2, they can put that money to save our nation’s stock market from crashing further. But if this really begins to take shape then what can the bloggers community do? should we organize rallies, send mass emails requesting, pleading the Govt. to ban any attempts of making a sequel to Drona?

Goldie Behl and Abhishek Bachchan need to be ashamed of themselves for standing by such a false product. In stead of accepting the mistake, they are going around town supporting the load of crap Goldie Behl directed and Abhishek acted. If Drona’s sequel is produced then it is the begining of Bollywood’s Meltdown!


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