Chintakayala Ravi Review— Not As Funny as the Title

When I first heard that Victory Venkatesh’s film under production is titled Chintakayala Ravi the Telugu film industry was going through one of it’s rough patches where it is bereft of any novel film worth watching twice or for that matter once. None of the top, middle,  or entry level heroes were giving any worthwhile movies except Venkatesh who was giving us 100-days films one after the other although with decreasing quality. But with a truly funny title, I really thought novel and genuine humor would be brought back in to mainstream commercial blockbuster releases. Alas, my wish has not come true for Chintakayala Ravi, much like Venkatesh’s previous releases, is trashy, half-baked and rehashed material that fails to generate the required comedy. Alas, Venkatesh, and above all, desperate Telugu film lovers yearning for a full-fledged entertainer from [one of their] Stars get to carry this heavy and stinking burden.

Chintakayala Ravi (C Ravi) is the ladla son of Seshamamba (by the evergreen over-action queen Lakshmi) who has told every living and non living object in her village that her son is a kemputer engineer in USA. Based on this she is in search of an English speaking bride in her village and she finds this in Lavanya (Mamata Mohandas). However, our man, C Ravi is a designer drink maker in a Bar called Green Wave (i think, could some one correct me if I am wrong) making English drinks with a native touch like Bapatla Martini Blasters etc. Because his mother is ‘mad’ly obsessed about her son’s career, C Ravi cannot tell her this bitter, strong alcoholic truth. Meanwhile, the match is fixed and duets are executed and in one moment of truth C Ravi writes a letter to Lavanya telling her the truth. But his good-for-nothing friends, as always, play spoilsport and hide the letter inisting their friend to drink and deliver the truth over phone. But C Ravi passes out and his friends tell some nonsense about his true age and make C Ravi believe that Lavanya knows the truth and continues to love him. Meanwhile, even as all this is going on, Sunita (Anushka) bumps into C Ravi at several places and has a not-so-pleasant experience every single time and concludes he is a crook. She investigates, finds the truth about this career, leaks it to her best friend Lavanya, and breaks all hell on C Ravi’s family when C Ravi goes to India for the engagement.

C Ravi is now enraged that his family was insulted because someone leaked his secret career (reminds you of Munnabhai…eh?), but unlike Munnabhai he is not out to become a Software Engineer, instead he wants to (comically) wreak Sunita’s life. But how can Victory Venkatesh be so rash that he simply fools his parents all these three years? Yes, now comes the sentiment that actually does touch you when the reason for C Ravi becoming a drink maker is revealed. On his arrival, he gives away his money, $20,000, to his just-met roomate when he suffers a brain damage and needs surgery. Anyways, Sunita comes to know of his truth, becomes friends with C Ravi, and both begin to fall in love, but just when they are going to tell each other they have to go to India to attend C Ravi’s marriage with Lavanya. The guy whom C Ravi saved tells them about the Greater-than-God-Greatness about C Ravi. Oh yeah, at the end, thanks to a spy-cam operation by one of the family comedians everybody gets a glimpse of the pure gold that C Ravi’s heart, soul, and body is made out of. He marries Sunita at the end.

The biggest problem with the film is that the director did not have the confidence in his abilities to come up with something new and different and thus the entire second half is a rehash of various Hindi films—from Hum Tum to Partner. There are times when you feel you are watching Karan Johwar’s Tollywood debut. The worst of all is that Om Shanthi Om‘s signature tune has been used (i request T-Series and Red Chillies Production to cut this out). Ok, even Prabhu Deva did the same with NVNV, but it was excellently done and it clicked; here it falls right on its face. Add to this, there is lots of crude and toilet humor, which does not quite click when you have to see Venkatesh farting or shitting. At least, it was not done well. The director somehow caught hold of a really funny and fancy title, but the content that is presented is absolutely worthless. The only saving grace is the reason because of which C Ravi could not study, but again that is not the be-all and end-all as there several other ways to get on with your career. The mother-son sentiment is nicely done. Unfortunately, Bhramanandam does not get any comedy else the film would have been even more watchable. Sunil is great as usual, but it is the same act again. Ali does the Nachimi act from Chirutha (I didn’t know it was developing into such a franchise!). NTR Jr. makes a special appearance which makes you go ‘why did he come and go?’. Arti Chabria is unnoticable in a dance number. The songs are fine with Nahi Chodunga Sunita being the highlight.

Analysis and logics apart, the film does not provide the kind of entertainment one expects from such a funny title. Most of the jokes did not even get a response (in a mass center like Lakdikapool’s Sensation Sunshine) as they are more suited to the multiplex-US crowds. Venkatesh is as usual good, but you feel uncomfortable to see him in boxer shots, farting, and shitting. And when you see Venkatesh in those cool and trendy gets-up you go “asala veediki intha avasarama…?!“. But because it is Venkatesh, all such antics will pass and though audience, critics, and reviewers might not like the film it still might just sail through because it is Venkatesh heading this load of trash. Add to this the fact that there is nothing else in Tollywood that features a Big Star, the hapless audience will watch it. However, it is about time Venkatesh checked his scripts because honestly there is not a single Venkatesh film that is worth a DVD-buy after Nuvvu Naaku Naachavu. So just enjoy the title of the film and wait to watch this film on cable because very soon you will hear news that his film’s sattelite rights have been sold for some insane amount to our local channels.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Only One Thumb Up. Strictly for time-pass, and it is not a total diaster. But don’t be deceived by the title.


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  1. S said

    I was hoping someone would trash this movie for what it is!

    I especially detest the way “leki, julayi, chillara vedhavalu” are potrayed as having a heart of gold despite their less than decent behaviour with women. Giving up his dollars does not give the hero to abuse women, take them for granted and tell a prospective bridegroom he’s slept with them girl so they can’t marry – that’s hardly a heart of gold!

    And really, do we pay to see the hero breaking wind?

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