Why Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’s First Looks is Sensational

Just as I was getting off my car to enter KBR park for my morning walk, I got a call from my friend asking me to turn to page 46 of Deccan Chronicle’s Sunday Hyderabad. He wouldn’t tell me what it was saying I have to enjoy the surprise element. So one hour later I turned to page 46 and there was silence within me. Ladies and Gentlemen, Yash Raj Films (YRF) raised the curtain on the First Look official look of their December 12th release, Rab Ne Bana De Jodi (RNBDJ).

First, let us talk about the poster. The reaction it brings is quite unlike anything you expect especially when the current trend is to shock and awe. Inspite of carrying a heavy love story title, the poster does not show SRK in any of his signature/typical love-story-hero stills. Neither does it attemtp any stunts like a funky hair cut or turbans with sunglasses and a gotti. True, the above mentioned two examples does make you to go “whoo..!”, but looking at RNBDJ’S first look stuns you such that you are just left looking at it in silence. It takes a while before you can get back to yourself to exclaim! It is the simplicity that strikes you and of course it is Shah Rukh Khan’s get-up (though you have a sense of his goof-ball get ups before) that takes you by complete surprise. With big glasses, simple sports shoes, loose pant and shirt, neatly combed hair, and a simple aam-aadmi bag, Shah Rukh Khan looks totally new because by now you must have been vexed seeing him bare chested with his six packs looking great, but even unhealthy. Add to this the backdrop, the old-style scooter, the heroine not fully revealing herself, and above all no mention of the title (this was the masterstoke!). A simply, goofy, and innocent looking Shahrukh and a girl with a twinkle in her eye behind! In addition, for those keeping track of RNBDJ initial stills in Amritsar with SRK at the Golden Temple with a moustache and the other set of stills showing SRK as a funky guy in a blue shirt and spiked hair on a bike with sunglasses. They were fine, but nothing great. With that in mind, I was totally surprised to see such a classy poster of RNBDJ.

The excitement around this project is heightened by the fact that SRK and Yash Raj are coming back with a love story after a long break. Looking at the poster and the titles, you feel like saying Rab Ne Bana De Shahrukh aur Yash Raj Ki Jodi. True, Chakde India! was a blockbuster, but this is the real deal…the real jodi…Shahrukh Khan and Aditya Chopra. It would have been even bigger had it been SRK and Papa Chopra. If industry rumors are anything to go by then they say that SRK and YRF were not a jodi anymore, but equations in the industry are dynamic and it does not pay to leave a partner. True, YRF is having real tough luck at the Box office and their industry clout has indeed waned and dwindled in a matter of just a year. On the other hand, even though SRK is the only hero who can deliver a 100 days film and has delivered money spinning movies consistently (even his average one’s set the cash registers ringing) he continues to be bombarded by critics and skeptics about his Numero Uno position. So now, the two identities of Bollywood have together to prove that they are a force to reckon with. If only the two had not parted ways, even briefly, the audience would been entertained and the exhibitors got more profits. Thus, with this one poster, Yash Raj and Shahrukh Khan are telling the Industry insiders and outsiders that they are one and they are # one.

The best part of the entire episode is that a good two and half months before the promotion has began. So all those guys with funky hair cuts, singing karaoke into mobile phones, and wanna-be kinngs wearing fancy dress attires and making music videos in the name of songs who want to release their film in competition with RNBDJ are welcome to do so. One thing is for sure, RNBDJ will thunder over the box office from single screens to multiplexes and if the music is a hit, then there will be thunder and lightening. Added to this, if the film has a good story and it clicks with the audience then everything we know as ‘records’ in Bollywood will be erased with the force of this film and new records will have to be written.

By bringing out such a classy first look a good 2 and a half months before the release, and for reaffirming to the audience that there will be Blockbusters Love Stories in Bollywood, Rab Ne Bana De Jodi‘s first look gets Mr. Inkenti’s Two Thumbs Up!



  1. Shwetha said

    chana baga rasavu ra………

  2. suresh said

    i think srk s the most charismatic person i have seen ,and i am not restricting myself to bollywood or india. you may have more, by far, more handsome guys like tom cruise or sexier guys like george cloney,rad pitt salman khan,or much better actors like tom hanks ,amir khan,amitabh bacha but the aura that shahrukh has is just simply unmatchable.even in the first poster of rnbj where he is in a simplistic avataar ,you cant miss the charm that he only has.he is just one of a kind-love you

  3. rahul said

    mind blowing ,simply awesome first promo.amir be ready to face the muzic from srk ..coz there will be new records created by rnbdj and ghajini wont stand anywhere near RNBDJ…..

  4. arunima said

    yes,rahul u r spot on..come december 12,the country will be falling in love all over once again with srk-adi combo rab ne banaa di jodi and will silene all his
    critics..coz he rules and u cant associate that sort of magic and charisma with any body else ..so, aamir you will get the reply of ur recent comments on srk on december 12…just cant w8 for this date..

  5. Omar said

    What a great song collectiion by Adi and compossing by salim-Sulaiman all songs is super and touchable songs and i think this album will be biggest blockbuster music and movie of the year 2008 no doubt.
    My Review & Rating 100/100

  6. adil said

    i think srk is a king of bollywood and his new film RNBJ are the block buster film and he has brock are filmy records

  7. srikanth said

    Heart touching film. After watching this film every body will be start searching their rab.

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