Drona Review— A Boring, Lousy, and Pathetic Superhero Film!

It is the Eid holiday on a weekday and after a long time I got the opportunity to catch a FDFS* at Ramakrishna Gliteratti, in our very own Abids, Hyderabad. I had to choose between three films, Chinthakayala Ravi, Drona, and Kidnap, and in spite of warnings from my friends I choose Drona. My friend, K-Man, and me share a joke that Abhishek Bachchan is a Iron Leg of Bollywood (any film he stars will either flop or suffer) and the idea of him being a superhero was all the more funny. The guy just can’t act for nuts…just look at him trying to be serious in the posters of Drona and you know he is trying real hard. Anyways, FDFS was running khulla…no buzz at the theater and tickets available in plenty (same was the case for Kidnap right next door at Ramakrishna 70mm). Anyways, Drona is a total waste film.

The film begins with young boy Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan) as an adopted son to a family where the mother is ill-treating him at the cost of showing love to her own son. Reminds me of Harry Potter, but I forget which installment of the franchise though. Everytime he is dull or sad (it is hard to tell cuz Abhishek Bachchan always looks dull and sad) a violet color leaf lands near him. His father tells him that one day he will understand why he is special (we never hear from him again). And now introducing the most annoying and embarassing performance of the year, Kay Kay as the evil magician Riz Raizada. Riz is an asur/rakshas who wants to obtain the amrut that was first distributed by the Gods and finally secretly stored in Planet Earth under the protection of a special warriar clan called Drona. It turns out that the latest installment of Drona is our sad-boy Aditya and now Riz is after him. However, Drona is always protected by some people without his knowledge and the main person dedicated to his protection is Sonia (Priyanka Chopra). Much to the dissapointment of his clan memebrs, Aditya is unwilling to accept that he is indeed the Drona until his mother is turned to stone by Riz untill the whereabouts of the amrut are told. So just before the interval just when the audience are going mad, Aditya decides to become Drona to his mother back.

And then begins a painful journey in the second half in search of the amruth. I am not sure how exactly the film ends because myself along with 5 others whom I don’t know from the Bolcony walked out 30 minutes before the show ended. I have never done this ever before. We could take it no more and one of the guy coming out exclaimed to the theater manager “yeh ek film hai?!…” The film is boring, slow, and just doesn’t move on. The special effects are silly—they either remind you of old Mogambo style special effects or that of Mummy. The SFX don’t matter if the film is so bad. Kay Kay is made to deliver one of his career’s most embarassing performances. It just sucks! And after this film, producers and financiers who beleive in superstitiions will shudder to take Priyanka Chopra in any fantasy film. she too is becoming an Iron Leg for such films. Abhishek Bachchan can now stop hoping to make it to the big league. He must have thought that Drona will be his ticket to stardom and a mass fan following, but hard luck. The screenplay is bad. Songs are pathetic and they come in at wrong times. He is just fake and with that kajal in his eyes he looks silly. Abhishek Bachchan has no Star Power whatsoever. In Hyderabad-Nizam area, a key center for Hindi movies that contributes as the fourth biggest revenue earner for Hindi films, Abhishek has no buzz. There was absolutely no response in the theater when Abhishek made an entrance.

Also, why does the film have to be based in some foreign country? I know, the Lullas of Eros International have invested money and they need this money in the first 3 days from the Overseas market. As for the writers and the director, Goldie Bhel, they deserve an award and recognition for making a film that can be used as a guide on ‘How Not to Make Superhero films‘. Move over Love Story 2050, Drona now tops the Pathetic Films List for 2008. There is nothing in this film for kids either–no magic and no masti. So don’t waste your hard earned money at a multiplex and don’t bother seeing it at a single screen either. Not even worth a DVD rental nor a view on the cable. Just skip this one.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Way…Way Down!

*First Day First Show



  1. deepak said

    Mr. Inkenti’s review matched my feelngs exactly…when big self-imagined superstardom fantasies take a knock, they fall to superlow levels…but LittleB will be completely unhurt and this knock may not even scratch his majesty…
    after all…IT’S ALL IMAGINED AND NOT REAL! Does a comic book hero get hurt or learns anything from his mistakes?

    Onwards! To the next adventure!

  2. deepak said

    I should have added-‘…his two-dimensional majesty!’

  3. Gosay said

    Thanks for the review, i have tickets for tommorows show for Drona (for the sake of friends 😦 ) …..I hope i sleep…..!
    Well im sure you will go and watch “Kidnap” i just now watched it, and its 2.5/5 of which 1.5 goes to the cleavage bonanza in the movie. 🙂

    You blog well……… Great work.
    Keep Walking
    – —-Gosay

  4. Interval said

    Not sure why everyone is dogging this movie. I thought it was a great movie, after all Iron Man and other fantasy flicks of its sort have been doing so well.

    I give Drona a two thumbs up!

  5. neta said

    its a flop misadventure

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