Ashta Chemma Review— Play this Funfilled Game!

The makers of Ashta Chemma claim that it is the “biggest small movie ever made”; honest about being a small movie and super confident about being the biggest small movie. In fact, this statement carries a lot of weight for it is the success mantra for small budget films with small time actors with great talent. The film has to be Big, with a capital B, on its content—performances, freshness, comedy, and of course story. Looked at it this way, it is more challenging to make a hit small film because it has to score on several points at the level of innovation; big films can still be mundane and still score a hit. In this context, Ashta Chemma, does a great job in living up to it’s makers claim: while it may not be the biggest, it is certainly one of the finest and funfilled small films to have come to Tollywood, at least in recent times.

Lavanya (Colors Swathi) is a hardcore Prince Mahesh Babu fan. She is obsessed about him and goes in to a frenzy when news breaks out about his marriage. Apparently, Mahesh’s marriage becomes a Statewide catastrophe for young women with many reaching the state of insanity (imaginative, but for Mahesh?!). Finally, Lavanya comes to terms with Mahesh Babu’s marriage by deciding that if not Mahesh, she will marry someone with the same name. Thus begins the search for another Mahesh by her aunt (Jhansi) and her neighbor friend Anand (Srinivas Avasarala). Aunt is unsucessful, but Anand finds a cool dude at the F-Lounge Bar whose name is Mahesh (Nani). Anand then moves swiftly by introducing Lavanya and Mahesh, sparks fly and everything goes great untill Lavanya shows her Mahesh tatoo (don’t worry, it’s on her hand) and reveals her obsession for Mahesh Babu and the name Mahesh. Hearing this, her boyfriend-Mahesh gets wild and worried.

In a hilarious flashback, which has to be seen on screen to be enjoyed, it is revealed to us that our Mahesh is actually Ram Babu. Yes Ram Babu–the guy whose parents were village leaders and elders and gods and have now left their legacy to be carried out by Ram Babu. Yes, Ram Babu dispenses justice, equality, love, and wealth and is the village God, but in his private time to de-stress and remind himself of his sanity he dances to Micheal Jackson’s Iam bad..ia m bad…. So Ram Babu keeps coming to hyderabad and lives his alter ego of Mahesh–the cool guy. Anand takes it up on himself to resolve this and makes a surprise visit to Lakavaram, Ram Babu’s village, to flirt with his beloved sister. From this point on the story moves with several twists and turns that never slow the pace down and are full of fun. From the city the entire film moves to the green locales and the village of Lakavaram where the tale unfolds.

Colors Swathi has a limited role and is restricted to only her trademark overlycute-overaction, but it fits well given her crazy characterization of someone crazy about a cine star. The highlight of the film is the performance of Nani and Srinivas Avasarala. Both these actors are first rate and really pour life in to the film with ther comic timing. I really feel like watching this film again for their acting. Nani as the guy constantly in one peril after another and Srinivas as the cool guy in bermudas constantly looking for trouble with that smirk on his face. Both of them are simply superb! Jhansi and others are good. In addition to acting, it is the fun filled sequences and twists that click big-time! If you thought the film is all about Mahesh, then you’re in for a surprise!….the serious aunt who is constantly chiding Lavanya for her mad obsession with Mahesh is herself in love with another star….the Power Star Pawan Kalyan!….this photo of Pawan Kalyan in a still from Jalsa sent the audience in to a frenzy!

If you are wanting to play this film (the posters say “play me”), then simply go for it. After a long time this year, we have a film that everybody can enjoy! The film opened in a limited release with no main theater in RTC X Roads, Hyderabad, but given the postive word of mouth the film is bound to grow in strength.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Up!


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