Wall-e Review— A Must Watch!

What can I say about Wall-e? it is one of the finest films to have been made and it will be a shame to miss it. Being a fan of Pixar films, I always keep track when they release, but some how i missed Wall-e (released June 27th, 2008). Untill I read about it in TIME magazine, which was arguing that Wall-e is one of the best films ever to be made and that it deserves to be nominated by the Oscars Academy in the motion picture category and not the animated films category. Since then I have been waiting for it to release in Hyderabad and it finally did towards the end of August. Yes, the film is a gem and it is a must watch for it’s brilliant technology, sentiment, emotions, and message for the world.

Wall-e is a robot that stands for Waste, Allocator, Load, Lifter–Earth class. The movie begins several hundered years ahead when humans have left Earth leaving only their junk and toxins behind. A major corporate, BnL, has built spaceships and space-townships where humans are living while robots like Wall-e are cleaning up the Earth. However, even Wall-e’s colleagues have become metallic junk now and it is only Wall-e and his cockroach friend. Wall-e has his own life, home, and has some of his favorite things. It includes a video of humans dancing and a couple holding hands. Seeing this Wall-e realizes his loneliness and longs for company gazing at the skies. Then, on one fine day, a spaceship lands and deploys another robot Eve (Extraterrestial Vegetation Examiner) and our little robot hero has a love-at-first-sight! Eve is searching for something in all the junk even as our hero Wall-e is trying to follow her. Finally they meet and exchange robotic dialouge. Wall-e takes Eve to his bachelor pad and impresses her with all the cool gadgets he found in the junk. And Wall-e shows her what she has been looking for–a small green plant. The moment Eve sees the plant, her system grabs it and locks itself up.

Eve’s spaceship comes to take her back and Wall-e, in true blue bolly/tollywood style, runs-jumps-and clings on to the spaceship and fires away into outerspace. From this point on the film has two threads—a love story with Wall-e trying to hold Eve’s hand and the humans in the spaceship trying to recolonize on Earth. It is a thrilling ride till the end with several bollywood style jhatkas. The climax scene where Wall-e is in mechanical como is highlight. The best part of the film is the message about the unsustainable growth and consumption. The film is full of symbolic messages. For example, the futuristic-outerspace human is so advanced in technology that he/she is obesely fat and has forgotten all human activity include touch. The caption of the space ship is excited to know and learn about farming, the basis of all civilizations–past and present. Today’s generation, including me, has no clue about farming. The closing scenes where the humans come back to recolonize and begin to cultivation amid all the junk along with robots is a classic shot.

The technology is simply superb. The initial scenes, which show Wall-e working leave the audience in awe of Pixar’s technology. You are even more amazed when you realize that you are actually begining to see emotions in the metalic robot wall-e!—thats how powerfull the technology and the story is. Yes, at the end, Wall-e and Eve live happily ever after. This is a must see film for every family and individual. Thank you Pixar for giving such a gem of a film.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Way Up!!!



  1. Sathish said

    I AGREE! I totally enjoyed Wall E. It’s amazing how much interactions could exist without much of dialogue! And i liked the little robot which was cleaning up after Wall E.
    Very sound piece to share your personal preference and experience.
    Btw, it’s Pleasantville 🙂 Smallville is something else.

  2. gowthamn said

    Woot! its a wonderful experience sitting through this movie.. You get to watch the sweetest of emotions enacted with robots.

    The way they say.. Wall-eee – Evaaa still strikes in my mind though i watched this movie couple of weeks back.

    I loved your suggestion on making this a MUST watch movie..

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