Rock On Review— Not Much to Rock About

So finnally I got to see the latest urban-plex hit Rock On and quite frankly it was no great shakes. At least, it is not like how the first day reviews stated (that it was the next cult classic kinda thing). The accurate reports started coming in from friends that said it was “oka y, nothing great”.The story is simple, the theme is nearly alien, but it is the narration style that makes the movie click even though the pace is slow.

Rock On is about four friends playing a rock band; how they come close to making it big, split, move on, and come together years later. Aditya (Farhan Akhtar), Joe (Arjun Rampal), KD (Purab Kohli), and Rob (Luke Kenny) are the closest of pals 10 years back in full-hippie style (long hair, funky hair style, head bands etc) playing rock. The film opens with Aditya as a top executive in a busy corporate life with a bored wife at home wondering whad the heck is wrong with her husband (Aditya seems totally dejected and doesn’t even have the mood to hug his wife while on bed!). What is the reason for this? Then, one fine day, Aditya’s really cute, sweet, and adorable wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai) stumbles upon a video and photos that giver her a peak in to her husband’s past–cool guy, rock star, and a girlfriend. She is so nice that she never asks him about this girl, but when she again stumbles upon KD in a jewellery store she is determined to re-unite the band for Aditya’s birthday. And the story goes on we are shown bits and parts of the rock-on life through the four friends.

So they meet, but only KD and Rob come to meet an unwilling Aditya. So obviously something went wrong between Aditya and Farhan. (Post interval) we are shown that once Magik (their band’s name) gets the contract from Channel V to make an album, Aditya gets most of the attention and focus (just like in the movie). This is pointed out by Joe as one of the core values of the band was that everybody is equal. So in a fit of rage, Joe knocks out the director and Aditya. That is the end of it. The good news is that Joe and Aditya make up and they all come together to perform again. However, there are a few jhatkas. Rob is in the final stages of brain cancer and Joe is a poor man and on the day they are performing after re-uniting he has to leave on a cruise to earn money. It is a happy ending…they all perform and fulfill their dream.

Like I said, the style of narration is what really clicks, else the movie has nothing in it to hold the audience. Till the reason for the break-up of the band is shown we are left wondering and guessing why they break up (i thought this reason could be stronger, but its fine). There is absolutely no comedy and so becoming the next Dil Chahta Hai is ruled out. Everybody gives a first rate performance. Arjun Rampal was born to look like a Rock-Star, Purab Kohli gives a spirited performance and provides humor-relief, and Farhan Akhtar excells in his debut. Prachi Desai is sweet. The music gells well with the film, but the songs by themselves are not hot. The climax song sequence is well done.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Only One Thumb Up! If only the story was stronger, fast-paced, good comedy, and great songs…the movie would have really rocked.

PS–My wife felt that Farhan Akhtar must have surely directed given the prominance he gets in the film. And he must have simply given the director’s title to debutant Abhishek Kapoor. She, by the way, rates the film 4/5.


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  1. artoflife said

    hi mrinkenti,i hav been reading ur blogs regularly,the way u present about any movie to some extent is excellent,i always feel tat u try to be too critical.
    For instance lets take the movie “Rock On” I personally luved the movie,well made movie,check out wats the caption u gav,if u giv such a discouraging caption 4 such a well made movie i dont understand wat kind of movies u will be liking?please think twice before u blog ………………..

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