The Javelin Woman— Lets Dedicate All Bollywood Love Songs to Her

Okay, so Megastar Chiranjeevi officially announced that he is entering politics on Sunday 17th. Since then I have been reading papers and watching news to gather my thoughts, but busy work at office kept me away from the blog. Just when I decided to blog on Chiru’s political entry, I was hit by lightening when i saw the homepage of Yahoo! display America’s favorite Olympic participant from Paraguay, the javelin thrower. I decided to put all Chiru thoughts aside and let the blogosphere guys check out this beauty first.

Leryn Franco is her name– a model, 5 feet 8 inches, 26 yrs, 54 kgs…sorry, i don’t know the stats. I felt it important to feature this woman on the blog because on this side of the world we all too pre-occupied with our so-called hot heroines.  It is now time to move over the sickly-Kareena, aging Bips, artificial Nayan, and all other wannabe hot heroines who try so hard putting on various expressions, weird dresses, hair color etc . Leryn Franco defines sensuousness.

Leryn Franco caught the attention of the American masses when NBC focussed their cameras on her as she was walking along with the Paraguayan delegation. Since then she has become a favorite among the Olympics bloggers. Unfortunately, she failed to qualify for the javelin finals and has been eliminated from the Games. I know, had I been given a say…she would have won the gold without any contest. Anyways, she has an assured future…maybe Hollywood…or even Tollywood [i am sure if some Telugu film producer saw her, she would be roped in as heroine….language no problem. she can always act by just saying one, two, three, four…and savita reddy or someone will dub for her]

At this point, I would like to dedicate all bollywood love songs to Leryn Franco….the Games will miss her. Already, buzz is that there is an increased search for the map of Paraguay and Javelin throwing…


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