Singh is Kinng Review— Dissapointing Story of a Kinng!

For all the hype and media frenzy that Singh is Kinng (SiK)has generated since its announcement, the makers of the film need to give due credit to [no, not to Akshay Kumar’s new found star status] the lorry driver who came up with this brilliant title “Singh is King”. Of course, lets give credit to Akshay Kumar for spotting it and understanding its potential. Just like how Lallu said on National Television on the Vote of Confidence Day, about everybody wanting to be Prime Minister of India; everybody in Bollywood too wants to be King. Yes, the expectations, hype, and curiosity is sky high for SiK, and even I managed to sneak out of office and catch the first day first show at Ramakrishna 70mm, Abids, Hyderabad, whose entrance was even decorated with flowers, and Akshay’s first shot (there could have been a better build-up to the entrance) was greeted with confetti, only to see one of the saddest, weakest, and disappointing stories of 2008 so far.

The most interesting bits of story in SiK, has already been shown in the trailers; beyond that there is no story, no plots/sub-plots, and nothing interesting happening. The film opens in Australia with an adventure episode of Lucky Singh (played by Sonu Sood) who is referred to as Kinng. According to the director, the Kinng is bigger than Bhai and Don (okay, thanks for the info). Then we are introduced to Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) who is the village bumpkin and goof-ball who is genuinely helpful, kind hearted, but wrecks collateral damage whenever he is trying to help. We are shown Happy Singh chasing a hen and jumping over poles, crashing into houses, breaking TV sets. The village is obviously sick of Happy Singh even though he is the jaan of the village. One fine day, news appears on the front page of their local paper about the assassination attempt of Lucky Singh in Australia. Seeing this, Lucky’s parents are heart-broken and some of the village folk want to use this opportunity and Happy Singh’s sentimental-fool character to send him to Australia to get back Lucky Singh. Rangeela (Om Puri), who hatches the plan, is asked to accompany Happy who has never stepped out of his village till now. Due to a trip-over and mix-up of tickets they go to Egypt where Happy meets, greets, falls in love, and sings a song with Katrina Kaif. Next, Happy and Rangeela go to Australia, enquire with the police who personally take them to the Kinng. Obviously, the Kinng kicks him out of the house when Happy tries to preach to him the meaning of being Sikh etc.

Happy then meets Kiron Kher, a riches to rags flower shop owner, who feeds him and in whom he sees the mother he never had. In the meantime, Happy saves, rather damages, Lucky’s health when there is another assassination attempt on him. So while Lucky is in the hospital with a disease where he can see, hear, but cannot talk and is actually angry with Happy, his followers think he wants Happy to be made Kinng. Since the time Happy becomes Kinng, he begins to distribute the money to the poor [there is a really laughable poverty message scene with Africans, which makes you think you are seeing a UNDP message], among other good charitable acts that this otherwise crooks do. When Kiron Kher tells Happy that her daughter is coming with her lover and she thinks they are still rich, Happy quickly brings her home, transforms her and makes her the owner of the entire establishment. Her daughter is none other than Katrina whose lover is Ranvir Shorey (first rate acting). Rest of the film is all in the house, a little triangular love story, some khurbani, etc. Yes, it ends with Happy marrying Katrina and Lucky coming back to his senses and realizing without wasting any more time that Happy is the true Kinng for he has transformed and changed all of us. Thus, the true king is someone who can bring about such changes and work for others well being before their own. Thanks for the message.

This is one of the weakest stories for such a powerful and heavy title. There is no villian, and the only powerful character of Lucky Singh (Soonu Sood is great in the turban, even better than Akshay) is made a vegatable. Most of the film is like a TV seriel that takes place in one house with some jealousy, love elements, silliest comedy here and there, MTV-style video-songs, etc. There is absolutely no direction for the film. And what is even more surprising is that there no action scenes!—the best one is done by Sonu Sood at the begining and Akshay does one in the second half. In both cases, we have to give credit to the dupe stunt master. From the beginning, we are shown Javeed Jaffery very conspicuously as thought it will turn out to be a cracker of a twist—it does develop, but it is such a waste and absolutely useless. There is nothing called leave-your-brains-behind or not-for-intellectuals type films. These are silly statements being branded by leading media partners that get the web promotion contract from production houses. What matters is–does it have a good story that can be remembered? and does it entertain? Thats it. For SiK everything is just plain bad–the story, screenplay, characterizations, narration. Looks like the makers only focussed on making MTV style videos and make good posters with Akshay showing his fist and proclaiming he is kinng.

Akshay Kumar gives a spirited performance, and is capable of delivering much more if he was given a solid script. Katrina is her usual self in the foreign accent. Neha Dupia needs to visit the dentist real soon; she is just plain and nothing glamorous about her. Om Puri is wasted. Sonu Sood looks grand, but is soon made a vegetable. Anees Bazmee does not get the masala formula right this time. No Entry was coped from a Tamil/Telugu film and Welcome worked because of the multi-star cast and great characterizations of Anil Kapoor (Majnu Bhai), Nana Patekar (Uday Bhai), and mass-masala elements including a super song titled Kiya re kiya. The masala elements are missing in SiK.

The audience were in full-josh untill jee-karda song and after that were pretty dull. There was no hungama for the Singh is Kinng title track because by that time it is clear that there is no fizz. The film has taken a grant start at the box-office and with all the hype will collect Big in the first week and then will be honored as a hit. It may be so, but for Akshay Kumar—someone who has worked hard and made it to get this craze–this is not the kind of film he needs if he aspires to be King. It is important to remember that whether it is Big B, SRK, Rajni, or Chiru…they are King only if the story is King. Singh is Kinng could have been a powerful masala film with action, gangster plots etc and connect Akshay’s star-craze with his wild and raw khiladi days. After a series of good hits and multi-starrers, this is Akshay’s first full-length solo-hero film and it is his chance to show how his power on screen. Alas, it does not happen. The film will open big, but is sure to fizzle out in later weeks.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down!

PS: As an aside—dialogue about SRK in Singh is Kinng: With Akshay being pitted against SRK, there might be curiosity if there is any dialogue about SRK. and yes, there is. When Lucky Singh is admitted to the hospital, one of his gang members says, in some context about bimari that “shahrukh ko tho har film main bimari hoti hain”.

PS: As an aside: Ramakrishna theaters, the 70mm and 35mm Gliterrati, are best known for their sale of black-tickets. Bulk seats are blocked and sold in black outside. But for Singh is Kinng, the row in front of me in the balcony went empty even though the HOUSE-FULL board was there. 30 mins into the show, it filled up, but some seats were left. I was actually surprised that there weren’t any takers on the first day first show!



  1. sonal said

    what a crab! think the writer has lost his brains…man go and watch the mov again …do you have a sense of understanding movs or not? what a stupid review…i watched the mov and liked it a lot…people were dancing singing and enjoying the mov throughout…

  2. good review

  3. sunder said

    good reveiew

  4. Kamayni said

    What rubbish review.I can’t understand why SRk is coming in between.I mean he’s a great star but he should’nt comment on AK like that.
    One advice to the readers:Don’t listen to critics.

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  6. Jasmine said

    Obviously the group at Blogbharti and this reviewer are both SRK fans, which means their review is absolutely garbage.

    This movie rocked, a complete entertainer…the evidence was in the crowd throughout the movie. You must be a real saddo to not have liked it.

  7. ---rock--- said

    This is a thik thak movi not too gud not too bad nothing new akshay rocks katrina is very charming sonu nd javeed jafri act well nd restr normal all an all 3 star out of 5

  8. […] Mr. Inkenti, Mr. Inketis Weblog Rating: Thumbs down …The most interesting bits of story in SiK, has already been shown in the trailers; beyond that there is no story, no plots/sub-plots, and nothing interesting happening…. See full review […]

  9. Jasmine said

    I think this is Akshay’s best performance so far…loved it.

  10. Rajeev said

    You say:
    “And what is even more surprising is that there no action scenes!”

    And then you go on to say:
    “—the best one is done by Sonu Sood at the begining and Akshay does one in the second half. In both cases, we have to give credit to the dupe stunt master.”

    Aren’t these contradicting each other…you are saying there are no action scenes, then you give credit to the dupe stunt master for good action twice in the film?

    There was more logic in the movie than in your review. Please learn how to review movies and try to make some sense.

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