SRK-Akki Direct-Clash Averted for Diwali 2008

What could have been more exciting than the 1000 walas, SRK’s Billo Barber (BB) and Akki’s Chandni Chowk to China (CC2C) releasing on the same day, is now missing for Diwali 2008 on October 24th. Looks like 2008 is the clash of the Khan vs Kumar. With Singh is Kinng Akshay Kumar puts his bid to grab the throne of King Khan, who reigns as King for over a decade now. To make the Stars-War even more exciting, October 24th, would see the release of BB and CC2C. While BB is a slow-paced, sentiment-emotion film about friendship between a film superstar and a barber, the other is a action-comedy that goes goes across the Great Wall of China.

The makers of CC2C have announced that it will not release on Oct. 24th, but will make it around November/December. The reasons given are technical issues, special effects. Earlier there was news that Warner Bros., the producers, were asking 20 crores for the Mumbai territory and no buyer was interested. I am not sure if that has been resolved or not, but if it has not been then Warner Bros. will have to go it alone. The movie industry runs on sentiment, more than anything else. After having screened the high-action promo along with the worldwide mega-super-duper blockbuster The Dark Knight, the makers have now postponed the film. This is bad news for the film. Its quite possible that, the makers are re-shooting some parts which might have turned out to be a damp squib. Typically, such delays most often translate to bad signs for the film’s fate at the box office.

On the other hand, BB is on schedule for Diwali 2008, which has always been SRK’s holiday at the Box office. SRK averted a disaster by requesting Rajnikanth to postpone the Hindi version of Kuselan, which the mighty Rajni has done. Later, of course, Priyadarshan, the director of BB, spoke up saying that the contract does not allow any Hindi dubbed version. However, what is not good news for SRK is that Kuselan in Tamil and it’s dubbed version in Telugu Kathanayakudu, have not been received well and are on track to become flops in the coming days and weeks. True, the original film in Malayalam is a classic and a gem, but it just didn’t click in Tamil and Telugu. It really depends on Priyadarshan’s handling and how he shapes up the film.

Lets see how these two films, both of which are great in concept, shape up on the silver screen.

ps–the first look of CC2C has been released and is quite interesting, where as BB has not yet.



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  2. avinash singh said

    akki is gonna loose bcaz he is facing (king)

  3. deepak pareek said

    jo b king khan k saamne aayega……uska kya haal hoga yeh btana mushkil hi nhi namunkin h………..

  4. verbivorehere said

    the original version in malayalam was a classic gem true! my appreciation to srinivas, mammooty & the publicity people! tamil it dint win as the crowd anticipate a “Rajni” movie wherein the star has only one scene! The mistake should not be repeated in Hindi. If you promote the pic as a Shahrukh movie..people are gonna be disappointed. Let the fact that shahrukh has but a minimal appearance be clear!

  5. kool said

    hi srk is good but akki is best

    but the one & only Ab is great

  6. sourabh said

    Akki hum aapko is dewali par dekhna chahte the but ye sun ke bahut bur lag raha hai ke aapki movie chandani chowk to china 24th oct release nahi ho rahi.

  7. iwebie said

    Billo Barber – The storyline of the film is based of the famous epic story of Krishna and Sudama’s friendship. Shah Rukh plays a filmstar and Irrfan Khan the barbar (Billo).They are childhood friends but after growing up one becomes a star living in a city while his barbar friend lives in a small villlage. check out for more info.

  8. raj said

    i think it’s going to tough bcuz they both r good actors. just remember that akki made 4 or 5 blockbusters in a row so that proves it that they both r good

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