Singh is Kinng Review— Express Review of a Pre-Release Review

Updated on 8-8-08: First Day First Show Movie Review of Singh is Kinng.

Pre-Release Buzz

Finally, the day has come. Well, one more day to go for 8-8-08. In addition to a host of personal and global events on this day, Akshay Kumar’s mega film, Singh is Kinng (SiK) releases to much fanfare and hungama. For the last few days, Akshay has been busy promoting the film in Canada (because of the really large Punjabi population’s presence). SiK also pits Akshay Kumar directly against Shahrukh Khan who is King at mastering the box-office success mantra. The Akshay-SRK battle reached it’s peak, when just the other day Akshay declared in a SiK Press Meet that the one and only king of Bollywood is Amitabh Bachchan. After four good-hits last year, two of which were multi-starrers and in two of which he appears just before the interval, and an utter flop this year, Akshay Kumar’s Singh is Kinng is expected to bestow upon him the title ‘King of Box-Office’ (hmm…does one really become King after one year’s good run at the BO?). I have said it earlier too, SiK is this years OSO in terms of hype and scale and the curiosity factor is high. The songs, though stated to be popular, are too wanna-be-western. The promos indicated another typically keep-your-brains-behind type Annees Bazmee entertainment ala Welcome.

I was expecting a Taran Adarsh Review of SiK well in advance, at least 3 to 4 days, which means that the film is a sure-shot super-hit, if not a blockbuster. For Main Hoon Na the review appeared a week before the release and for Om Shanthi Om it was 3 days before. And now for Singh is Kinng just one day before. The story is the same as i have written in an earlier post and my guess is that this is the story of the first half. Obviously, Taran Adarsh has to cater to his key stakeholders so even what could have been scathing review is written with a postive spin. Following points are notable:

1. from what i read, it looks like the second half is not up to the mark. Taran writes “There’s a twist in the tale at the intermission point and the second hour, therefore, shifts gears — it changes from kabhi funny, kabhi drama to a prem kahani.” He also mentions that towards the end, there is another twist/track, which well could have been avoided and the story later gets back to track “thankfully” [read else the movie would have bombed]—bottom line: story/script is not strong.

2. Akshay Kumar seems to have delivered yet again the same old performance of a comic-goof-ball. Rather than writing that Akshay Kumar offers nothing new even this time around in a film that has been hyped to crown him King he writes that he carries off the same type of roles well again and that there is not “saturation” for him!

My quick Analysis: the film is will most probably be a hit, will be hyped by media to be a super-hit, will collect Big during the opening weekend, but will not be a film worthy to make Akshay a King in the making. The comedy looks just like another Welcome. No credit for No Entry as it was taken from a Tamil/Telugu film.

From the looks of it, it looks like another typical brainless comedy set on a larger canvas. We will have to see if it breaks OSO records. The film is opening in around 22 theaters in Hyderabad. I will be seeing it on 8-8-08, first day first show so check out my blog for the review.


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  1. kulbir singh(not sikh) said

    1.maybe u should go through the reviews one more time so u will realize that the story smacks a strong remblance to a jackie chan starrer having the flower lady n where chan becomes a head in hong kong mafia……..sorry can’t remember the name but it used to come on zee english……..
    2.have u seen the movie yet?

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