No Advance Booking for Kathanayakudu at Odeon 70mm

This came as a surprise to me. When I called up Odeon 70mm, RTC X Roads, which is the main theater for Kathanayakudu (the Telugu version of Kuselan), they told me that there is no Advance Booking. This is quite a shame. For such a Big film no advance booking in its main theater? However, Advance Booking at all theaters with Easy Movies is in full swing.

Somehow I feel the pre-release buzz for Kuselan/Kathanayakudu is less compared to what it was for Dasavatharam. Anyways, the latest Rajni-Jagapati Babu starrer is sure to shine unless P. Vasu has got totally carried away by Rajni and focussing too much on him and not the story. But since P. Vasu is an expert remaker of movies from Malayalam to Tamil, I am sure that Kuselan/Kathanayakudu will have its heart in the right place. The telugu version is produced by ace producer, who has not produced a money-raking venture post-Indra, Aswini Dutt.

After some initial trouble, the film is now all set to release in Karnataka as well. The film will release on August 1st, 2008.


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