The Hot Nayan-Vishal Song from Sathyam

There is nothing really interesting going on in the Southern movie industries. Even the hordes of websites don’t seem to be carrying anything exciting. The Dasavatharam euphoria/debates has ended with the film being termed a hit. The only thing exciting right now is [no, not Rajni’s Kuselan/Kathanayakudu] is the hot photo gallery of the latest Nayanatara-Vishal number from their upcoming film Sathyam in Tamil and Salute in Telugu.

Yes, without a doubt the stills are hot, but thats it. It doesn’t really excite you more than exclaiming “nayan looks hot”. Probably because the individuals involved are giving stone-like artificial expressions. Instead of Vishal, Nayan could well be clinging on to a pillar or a big piece of rock and the effect would probably have been even hotter. There is no animation or hunger in Vishal. As for Nayan, she too tries hard to look hot with her strained expressions. The song is being touted as the most erotic song on Tamil Cinema ever. Well, we’ll have to wait till the movie comes out. My bet is this: the camera will move so fast keeping in tune with today’s wanna-be-hi-tech-and-modern song taking that the sensuality will not even seep in. Lets wait and see as…as of now, all i can say is Vishal and Nayan had a hot photo session!

Without a doubt, Nayanathara is the hottest lady around. She shows the others that being hot doesn’t mean to look like a patient (Kareena and all the others who like the zero figure). Nayan is perfect heroine material…she is someone who can pull the crowds in. Love how healthy and juicy she looks…she can increase your appetite…how many heroines we have today who can do this?

Surely, these pics on the posters are sure to pull in the masses to check out this song. The song Chellame Chellame, which features the hot stills, is a slow…really slow number. Hearing the song and looking at the pics, it looks like the director wants to make a hot-classy song.

Hearing the song, I am not that curious about this number any more.

Lets wait and watch how it looks on screen.


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