30 mins for VoC, Stock Market Rises, and a Man’s Optimism

As I write this post, it is 45 mins to 6pm when the Vote of Confidence will take place. Even in the face of testing uncertainty over the ruling Govt’s stability, the stock markets have been rallying well since yesterday. Today, they closed at 14,104. No news channel or paper are talking about how it will be post-VoC, but a close friend of man who has been around 30 years more than painted a very rosy picture. At first, i didn’t think so, but when the stocks rose, i am begining to wonder if it could really turn out that way…

Chances are that the UPA govt. might just scrape through and have a rough-tough, but eventually safe landing. Once this happens, with the Left out of the Govt, Manmohan Singh’s true form will come out…he will go ahead with all the legislation and reforms that couldn’t be done because of the Left’s opposition. Seeing this the Industry will celebrate, stock market will go back to where it came down from (at least back to the 16,000). Only luck will tell whom it wants to favor depending on how the oil prices and inflation play out over the next few months, which eventually will decide the next govt. This is probably the best post-VoC outlook i’ve heard. I hope this happens.

It is an open secret that all our politicians are bullshitting; at least the stocks will rise, economy will be back up, jobs will be generated, and inflation will ease up. Why doesn’t anybody openly state that the Left would have split regardless of the deal or no deal–how else will they fight Cong. and win their two states of WB and Kerala? and if the Congress was so much in love with the deal then not do this a couple of years back when the opposition for the deal and the initiation of the deal began? Anyways, this bullshit apart, i hope post-VoC things get back to business untill the next election.

Today, in most newspapers there was buzz about Mayawati as PM; i am surprised with the English media’s sudden affection for Mayawati. Probably, courtesy her chief strategist Mishra, she said something mind-blowing. She was referring to the the Iran-India-Pakistan Gas pipeline story that is set the stage for the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. I was truly impressed as nobody was talking about this and she did. I will write about the Gas pipeline story in my next blog. Lets first see if the Govt. lasts tonight. By the way, TOI today had a superb headline: Where is the Party Tonight?

A colleague of mine suggested that Sharad Pawar, the IPL-Man, should organize a dance-item(s) 30 mins befor the VoC, in IPL 20-20 style (definitely play the Singh is King number!). This will allow our politicians to unwind before the high-voltage vote.

Anyways, abhi voting bakhi hai mere dost…


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