Spiderman Pips Batman for the Opening Weekend Record

In spite of the universall and unanimous positive and rave critics and user reviews for Batman 2, it was unable to beat the opening weekend record set by Spiderman 3. Let me clarify this further: in terms of gross revenue Batman 2 has set the record for opening weekend, but in terms of ticket sales the winner is Spiderman 3. Let me explain…

Batman 2 has grossed $155.34 million for the opening weekend in the U.S. as opposed to Spiderman 3’s $151.1 million. However, according to Media by Numbers, a firm that tracks box-office revenues, the average price of ticket in 2007 for Spiderman 3 was $6.88 compared to the average ticket price in 2008 at $7.08. If we look at ticket sales, which is the best test, Spiderman 3 sold 21.96 million tickets compared to Batman 2’s 21.94 million. Yes, marginal difference, but still there is a difference.

However, the positive reviews and super-hit public talk for Batman 2 is raging like a wild fire even on Monday (even in Hyderabad, India) and is all set to break Spiderman’s or any other man’s total run gross and that is for sure. But, the most talked about record in Hollywood is the opening weekend. Had Heath Ledger been alive (in real life) and came back as Joker in Batman 3, it will for sure break Spidy’s record.

Records apart, if you haven’t seen Batman 2: The Dark Knight, you are missing a gem of a film. Just watch it.



  1. patrick said

    kudos to the makers of Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend… it’s no wonder there’s talk of another one coming out ASAP

  2. Don said

    Hey Mr. Inkenti, maybe next time you will wait for the official movie totals to come out before making comparisons to other blockbuster movies. The revised total shows “The Dark Knight’s” weekend gross to be $158.4 million. By using your method of dividing by the average ticket price of $7.08, I figure 22.37 million fans turned out to see Heath Ledger and company. Your welcome.

  3. Eric said

    hey, i dont care what the numbers are, besides spiderman 1, spiderman 2 and 3 sucked and i actually fell asleep during the third one and was HIGHLY disappaointed. Batman 2 was one of the best movies i have ever seen and even if they third one is better, it will still be regarded as one of the best comic book movies of all TIME. Heath Ledger did an amazing job as joker, two face was amesome, rachel dawes wasnt too hot, and the bat voice was a bit annoying but seriously, 3 hours of non stop action, amazing plot twists although i dont get the fact that two face dies….or does he? I thought he was the villian in the third movie. Anyway, spiderman sucks, tobie maguire is a HORRIBLE actor. Hail batman

  4. Batman Kiks ass said

    hehe…im glad everyone liked the movie…ive been waitin for this movie ever since i saw the joker card at the end of batman begins…and also the whole spiderman franchise sucks….i mean batman has depth in it unlike spiderman…….it normal to anticipate for the third movie but this time my hopes are on the oscars…hope Heath gets wat he deserves..nuff said…….Batman Finally proved hes batter (had to do it) then Spidey.

  5. Beatrice Tatarian said

    About the revised news about the real movie grosses and money that came in and total ticket sales, it IS a big enough difference to mention that The Dark Knight did indeed beat Spiderman in everyway as far as how many people actually saw the film and how fast it happened. It happened in a record amount of time. It IS a big deal, it IS a great movie , it IS still beating all box office records so far and it is indeed worth mentioning!!!!!!!!!!!! Also,a more menacing convincing and real Joker cannot be had anywhere else in comparison to Heath Ledgers by the way. It was a suspensefull movie more than hardly any other movie out there and after seeing it in IMAX I felt like a truck hit me after it was all over but hey, it was worth it!!! Sincerely, Beatrice Tatarian

  6. If I was to be a hero, and I have to choose between spiderman and batman, I would choose to be spidey. Yeah, i am a fan of spiderman since kid, and I use to watch spiderman cartoon TV show, thats why I am very happy when it came out on the silver screen, But I must admit that batman also was a part of my childhood days, because, aside from watching the cartoon of spiderman, i grew up watching batman movie. And In fairness Dark Knight is Really good, too bad Heath Ledger didnt see the success of the movie, may he rest in peace, and maybe it also adds to the promotion of the movie, as well as Christian Bale’s controversy.

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