New Song Added to Jaane Tu— Music Video Featuring Genelia

For the week of July 18th-24th, an additional song has been added to  Jaane Tu. According to Amir Khan’s blog, the song Jaane tu mera kya hai was deleted because they felt it would dampen the pace of the film. But when his friends started asking him why not have it, the makers of this film have decided to add it for a one week trial period. Depending on the feedback they get this week, the song will either stay or be deleted. The song was one of my favorites from the film when i first heard the songs.

The song comes right after Jai is asked by Aditi to leave because he does not come to wish her at midnight for her birthday; Jai has to go to Meghna’s house that night to meet her parents. The song is an all-out Genelia Music Video, which shows her in a gorgeous black gown, special effects to show breaking mirrors (read heart) and multiple Genelia reflections in the space. While all this is going on, Aditi, in her cute nightdress, is watching her inner self sing to her. Genelia’s expressions are excellent and it is has been shot in typical Mariah Careh style minus the sensuousness, of course.

Nothing is lost or gained by not having or having the song. The images shown in the song are all clips from the movie that we have seen. On the other hand, it would have been a great addition had the collages/images shown were new or scenes that are telling us something more about Aditi and Jai. In addition, the song is exclusively Genelia’s, which means that Imraan Khan has no exclusive song and this tilts the weight of the love story towards Genelia. This could be another reason why they didn’t have it in the first place— it gives too much importance to Genelia. As it is, she is the soul of the film.

For Genelia fans, this song is a treat. My view on it: Keep the song. It is a beautiful composition, the movie is already a super-hit, it doesn’t hurt to have it. My advice for Amir Khan and Abbas Tyrewala is that if they are confused about the song–to have or not to have—they must simply cut the song from the film and release the HD version of the song on and be done with it.

Impressions on viewing the film for the second time:

(i)it wasn’t as enjoyable as it was the first time.

(ii) second half is a drag and only picks up in the last 20 minutes, which is a total riot and highlight of the film.

(iii) there is also too much footage of pubs, drinks, and loud disco music in the second half.

(v)The background music for “the Violent Streak” (where Jai stares at the Paresh Rawal)is superb and we can see vintage A R Rahman there.

(vi) I felt this the first time too: the film is more like an Indian version of Beverly Hills 90210 (remember the show?) Jaane tu is actually Teen TV Show material….it is ARR’s magical music that elevates it to a super-hit film and Genelia’s performances; i hope she is nominated and wins the Filmfare.

At 9:05, for the 9pm show the theater was not Full, but i think eventually the Balcony was full. Looks like the film is losing steam at the single screens as it is mostly a multiplex/city/yuppy film. But regardless, the film is a smash-hit.



  1. barbie said

    thanxs a lot for the informationbut can anybody mail me if the song is now in the movie or not and if it is not there than where can i find it ,please please please please please reply me

  2. subhash said

    I 2 looking for the song if any one finds than plz let me know

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