Kung Fu Panda Coming Late to Hyderabad

Hollywood super-hit Kung Fu Panda, an animation film produced by Dreamworks SKG and is headlined by Star comedian Jack Black will release in Prasadz, Hyderabad on August 15th, 2008. The film is a comedy about a Panda that loves Kung Fu, but is too clumsy to learn it and is left to work at  a noodle  shop. However, one fine day he is summoned to fulfill a prophecy.

The film is produced by Steven Spielberg’s production house and since he decided to boycott the Chinese Olympics, the Chinese wanted to boycott his film. However, even the Chineese are floored by the film and the kind of research done into their culture. The film released worldwide on June 6th, 2008 and in India a couple of weeks back, and in Hyderabad on August 15th. For all the talk about Hyderabad’s growing cosmo culture, it is quite a sad statement to have a super-hit Hollywood film release in a leading multiplex after two months.

I would also like to mention here the prompt response from Prasad’s Manager when i emailed him about when the film will release. Even though prominent multiplexes are opening up in Hyderabad, nobody is bringing these off-beat yet really good Hollywood films. For example, Wall-E is another wonderful film that has the critics rooting for it to be included in the regular Best Picture category at the Oscars. When will this film come to Hyderabad?

Why does it take so long for these films to come to Hyderabad? In a way, we too are like Vijayawada where only Big Hollywood films being dubbed into several languages make it early or on the same day. Perhaps, distributors don’t think Hyderabad to be an A  center for  good English films.


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  1. vbsowmya said

    Yes. Its surprising – these late releases.
    God knows when Wall-E will be released in Hyd. The “soon” board is seen in prasadz…but, how soon is not mentioned 🙂

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