Kismat Konnection Review: Does Not Make The Konnection

For all the hype that Aziz Mirza gets as a director for making feel-good-simple-guy stories, when I checked up his profile he only has two memorable films out of five–Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and Yes Boss. His other films include Chalte Chalte (avg. fare) and Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (almost drowned SRK’s career). All of his films have been carried on Shah Rukh Khan’s shoulder. In his fifth outing, when Aziz Mirza decided to return from his sabbatical, he is face-to-face with a stark reality: his scripts will not have SRK to elevate them. What does he do?–puts his bet on the new young shining hero who proved his acting abilities with Jab We Met. Unfortunately, save for a few sequences neither the story nor the lead actors are able to make a konnection.

Raj…Raj Malhotra–the architect (Shahid Kapoor) is a topper in all fields in college and is touted to be the next Big thing in town and life (sadly, this potentially fun phase was skipped and this is introduced to us through a few lines and showing certificates on the wall). Even three years after graduation, Raj’s career and life haven’t take off and he attributes it to bad luck. Why? because his alarm clock fails him when he needs it the most, his car doesn’t start, his ATM card doesn’t work, or the employer about to give the money dies just before giving and so on. Raj then approaches a crystal ball reader Hassena Banu Jaan (Juhi Chawla, who goes over the top in her role) who tells him that his luck will soon change. In the meantime, Raj on-and-off bumps into Priya (Vidya Balan) and he takes a while to realize that whenever she is next to him (literally)–he gets lucky. How? his car is saved from being dumped by paint, he gets a much needed job when she throws his card right on to a businessman looking for an architect and so on. Raj then tries to befriend Priya so that she can always be next to him while going about his life and business.

However, Priya is already engaged and will soon leave the place. In addition, Raj wants to use Priya’s lady luck to get a contract from Batra & Gill, but the mall he wants to build will be on the land where a Community Center/Elders Home Priya works for is located. Remeber Lage Raho Munnabhai? At first, Raj cheats Priya by showing two different construction plans, but eventually gets caught just when he is about to confess after realizing he is in love with Priya. In the meantime, Raj and Priya also learn that Priya’s fiance is two-timing her in the name of business. How Raj convinces Priya and manages to build a mall and the community center side-by-side forms the rest of the story.

For a film with a wafer thin story it has to be filled with interesting episodes and move a good pace. Both these elements are missing. The entire premise of the film, or the way it is depicted, is a little silly. The performances are not up to the mark. How can one forget Shahid’s super performance in Jab We Met?–his sullen body language at the beginning of the film and how he slowly unwinds. Shahid’s performance is not up to the mark because the script seems to have been written with a major SRK hangover. He looks jaded at times too. Vidya Balan should either do only Parineeta type films or just sit at home. She is a total misfit in any modern attire–can’t dance, can only exhibit artificial expressions by straining her eyebrows, nose, and lips and that make-up/foundation to make her look hip gives her a wooden expression. To top it off, Vidya looks like Shahid’s elder sister or aunty at times. Om Puri as Mr. Gill–the contractor, his wife Himani Shivpuri (with her “lower your tone…” line), and Vishal Malhotra as Hiten Patel–Raj’s sidekick–with his delayed-realization-expression get their comic timing right. The songs are good. Aai Pappi is the highlight and the other dance number move your body rolls with the end credits. It is now high time for Shahid Kapoor to bring about variation in his dance moves. Rest of the songs are carry a Jab We Met feel. SRK’s voice over at the beginning is fine.

Aziz Mirza doesn’t succeed in portraying the innocence and sincere struggle of the lead actor. My question to the director: why is the film set in Canada? for what? and why the morality-preechy-anti-globalization sort of speech at the end? Hasn’t Aziz Mirza learnt his lesson from the disastrous speech climax of Phir Bhi…Hindustani?

There are a few funny bits here and there. The snooker table scene and the description of the ‘impossible shot’ is good. Alas, all the funny bits and lines you would already have seen if you saw the theatrical trailer. Personally, I was rooting for Shahid to deliver a knock-out punch with his film to establish his status firmly in the industry, but I doubt if this film will be able to konnect with the audience and the box-office.

Mr. Inkenti Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. A few laughs here and there, watch it if you like Shahid Kapoor and Aziz Mirza’s previous films.

As an Aside: Ramakrishna 35mm, Abids, is the best place in Hyderabad to hear audience comments. Although, they get nasty if the movie is useless. When Juhi Chawla first appears some one commented ‘kurkure’, which sent the theater in to ruptures. Also, if you like Move Your Body song then don’t watch it at Ramakrishna, the main theater for Kismat Konnection, as they only showed it for a few seconds and then closed the curtain. Watch it at Prasadz, which does a great job of showing all the closing credits.



  1. Interval said

    Kismat Konnection is a good time pass film. Watch KK online at interval:

  2. B said

    Kismet connection was a really horrible movie(why it did any business whatsoever is beyond me). And I agree that the Balan gurl looks really uncomfortable in western attire. Her looks and body language is suited best for Indian clothes. I wish she woud realize that. The movie had nothing to salvage it..a total disaster.

  3. dinesha said

    its a nice film go ahead one day u will be the king of the bolliwod

  4. swagata said

    hey kismat konection is realy a gud flim …………..
    shahid realy luk kul in dis movie ……………………………….
    n swt as alwayz ………………..hi lukz

  5. lili said

    iam shocked of some comments wich don’t praise this film because it’s wonderful and it talks about many interesting issues and i find vidya beautiful

  6. Lialanayhaa said


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