Chandni Chowk To China First Look and Trailer Analysis

At least in terms of movie promos, 2008 so far truly belongs to The Hit Machine Akshay Kumar’s; Tashan bit the dust. Even as we continue to be bombarded with specials on the 8-8-08 release of Singh is Kinng through all forms of media, the promos of Akshay Kumar’s next, Chandni Chowk To China (CC2C)for Diwali 2008 have began. The promo is fine; not great and for such an interesting title the trailer is not even half as interesting or intriguing.

Let us take a peak at the First Look. Before that, we have to laud the efforts of the marketing guys for Bollywood films these days. No matter how trashy the film is, the First Look/Promo material is almost world class; just like Hollywood films. Sometimes I wonder why the film makers don’t spend as much effort in penning a good story as their marketing counterparts who make such appealing promo material. Anyways, coming back to CC2C, the First Look is classy and interesting, but some key elements seem to have been forgotten. The most funny and interesting part is the vegetables on the swords (does AK play a chef?). However, on the flip side there is only China and no Chandni Chowk in the poster—the red sun, AK’s Chinese get-up, and even the Chinese architecture in the backdrop. But where is Chandni Chowk here?

More than the globe-trotting title, the highlight of the promo is the presence of Warner Bros. Pictures. My first! a feather in your cap AK! But with Warner Bros. at the helm of affairs, the trailer is very ordinary. It tells us nothing about the film. And if we consider it a teaser, which it is not, then it is even worse. All it shows is several shots in China, AK as usual pottering around but this time with Chinese, Deepika Padukone shown like a Chinese girl dancing, some crouching tiger type stunts, and one shot of Mithun Chakraborty. Towards the end, we see Akshay Kumar who plays Siddhu Sharma shouting out the title of the film.

Cummon now, with Warner Bros. pumping in the money….is this the kind of trailer we get? where is the curiosity factor in the trailer?…Perhaps it will take a few more years before our guys learn to make good trailers.

The official website for the film is dysfunctional, as on July 19th, 2008.

Produced by Ramesh Sippy, written by Sridhar Raghavan, and directed by Nikhil Advani Chandni Chowk to China is scheduled to release for Diwali 2008–October 24th, 2008. I expect this film to be an action-comedy. The initial response to the trailer from netizens is mixed. Lets hope this film delivers.



  1. Thanks!

  2. f*** said

    CC2c wil be the biggest hit in the history of indian cinema

  3. joylynford said

    “akshay is the best. he will once again prove that he is the king of kings oops i mean to say SRK.
    deepika u r lucky u got a chance with akshay.
    i am there to watch the first show . akshay rock.”

  4. Amrit said

    ASkshya ur the best.I’ll be to watch ur first show.

  5. sam said

    Akshay is a raddi hero

  6. sami said

    bhut bakwas film hein ager aksey kumar ko sharkh key baraber ana hein to sahi film karni hogi chandni choke bhut bor film hein

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