The Angel Charmi and her 16 Days…

Charmi 16 Days Movie Review—-BIG TIME DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

It is a rare moment in cinema history when a small tiny movie just because of it’s posters attains the expectations levels and creates the buzz worthy of a blockbuster release. The movie in point is 16 days starring Charmme whose sizzling without-clothes-on-the-bed posters have created a constant buzz on the web. Everyday I have surfers searching for charmi or hot charmi pics from 16 days. Charmi is a box-office princess of her own with super hit solo off beat projects like Anukokunda Oka Roju, Mantra. The wait for 16 days was long–nearly 8 months since the first time it’s posters were released. At the end of it, the film is damp squib and whats more you feel cheated for there is nothing Charmi has to offer; acting or otherwise!

The story is totally crazy with no justification. Two dons (we’ll call them A and B here) are warring with each other (don’t ask why) and at one point B kills A’s son. By the way, these two dons are neighbors, but neither dares to step out side their houses since years for fear of assasination. Then don A swears that in the next 16 days, before the final rites for his son’s death are performed he will kill B’s son as well. B succeeds in killing all the hired experts or assasination consultants A is hiring. In a case of mistaken identity, A’s men drag along our hero Gurumurthy to pull his tooth out as they mistake him for one of their faulty debtors. Gurumurthy (Aravind), who later is reffere to as cockroach perhaps because of his appearence, over hears A’s conversation and suggest to him a plan. The plan is about using 80% mind and 20% sentiment to kill the villian and sugests that this is the reason why the West is developed because they use less sentiment. How Dumb. A is thrilled and assigns Gurumurthy do his work. So far it is ok (mind you nothing of Charmi so far), but from this point till the end the film is one big headache.

Gurumurthy is a cry baby through the film going from one camp to the other begging and pleading for his life and his graduation certificates. Then there is Charmi who works for a mineral water company putting ad tags on the door knobs of houses. She has a fetish of staying the night over at the house that is empty; she figures this out if the tag is intact. Charmi delivers what is easily one of the worst ever performance in cinema history. Totally irritating and if by chance you are having indegistion you will throw up in the theater! Each time she appears she is imitating an actor. They only person she does well and managed to get the crowd clapping is for PowerStar Pawan Kalyan. So Angel (Charmi the orphan) meets Gurumurthy and she you’re not quite sure what the point is. Sometimes she helps him by drawing Rs. 60,000 from ATMs and sometime she telling him to enjoy as he is anyway going to die after 16 days. In one such absolutely senseless episodes she gets married to him. Towards the end, Gurumurthy kills all the villians because he is pissed off with them—pissed off because they tore his graduation certificates and asked to send his wife over to them. So ends this nonsenscial drama.

The posters that tempted you to the theater does not show up in motion picture. Was it cut by the censor? I dunno. The kiss scene also is just a second and is hardly there. On it’s second day for it’s second show, the theater was not full. After seeing Charmi in this film, you will forget she was the glam doll of Mantra rocking away to that hip hop number. The film is actually based on the lead actor and he does a fine job, but the script makes his characterization irritating as it does not grow up. A majority of the film is only sadism: the goons harassing Gurumurthy and the guy crying and pleading for his certificates. The film is rubbish and will probably play in theaters for 1 + 6 = 7 days.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Way Way…Down!!! Avoid and never watch it.


Charmi’s 16 Days Releasing on February 20th, 2009:

16days_charmiPhew…this has been a really long wait. I first made a post on this film on July 16th, 2008 and from then till now, the posters have been a sensation and so has the curiosity surrounding this flick.The other day, I saw a poster near Nagarjuna Circle, but today with the date of release confirmed all Charmi fans can celebrate! This post has been one of the Most Visited on my blog and it should goes to show curious folks on the web are about this flick. I hope Charmi can repeat the magic of Mantra.In Hyderabad, the film’s main theater is Sudarshan 70mm A/C dts, RTC X Roads, but surprisingly not many theaters or plexes have been listed. However, I expect the list to grow in the coming days. For me, it will not be Delhi 6 this friday, the 20th, it is surely 16 days. After waiting for 7 months…the wait is over and I really hope the wait is worth it.

Cosmos Entertainments presents 16 days and Charmi invites you to the theaters biting her lower lip…this poster is for all of us who have been waiting for the release!

The Post below first published on July 16th, 2008

Charmi is one bold lady and there is no doubt about that. One of 2007’s surprise smash hit was Mantra, which opened to packed screens in Hyderabad City and other A centers solely because of Charmi. Thereby, bestowing upon her Star status. Of course, Mantra had relatively little of Charmi and more of Sivaji, but her My Heart…My Heart…number was a blockbuster. Now, Charmi is getting ready to reaffirm her Star status by featuring in another small movie and elevate it to hit status.

With Laddam (being dubbed into Telugu as 16 Days) Charmi marks her return to Kollywood in this film being produced by Ponnurangam on produced by Chozha Creations and directed by Solomon Prabhu. The film made waves on the web with its hot wallpapers and photo galleries with Charmi and Aravindan in soft-kiss positions and cleavage shots of Charmi. Truth be told, they are not vulgar or sleazy, but are actually quite well done bringing out the sensuality. Since the tag line of the film reads “they called him a cockroach”, the kissing scene is being dubbed as the Cockroach Kiss.

I have to confess, these are some of the best wallpapers I have seen for regional cinema in recent times. The wallpapers/first look posters are thematic and tells us about the film unlike most regional films (check out some of the First Look posters of Bollywood films on

A recent article I read on a telugu film portal said that local Tollywood producers are unhappy with Charmi for ignoring their films and doing these [sleazy] small films. My answer to them– Get a life bro! If Charmi steals the show in this film then she is a Star for sure. Given these posters and if the film can boast of atleast two blockbuster numbers, the film is all set for a bumper opening.

The film is about a couple and the events in their life for 16 days. Charmi plays Angel (i think that is her name) who has comic shades to her positive character. Sensuous posters, curious tagline, interesting story board…I am eagerly waiting for this one! Go Charmi Go!



  1. Manoj said

    Really ………………….An Angel

  2. munna said

    charmi it is good &u r so sexy

  3. sandeep said

    she is very sexy, i like her very much

  4. china rao said

    she z beauty and sexy more than aish

  5. surendra said

    she is very sexy no doubt about that image was fantanstic

  6. prakash said

    this is prakash..i like charmi very any other heroin willl beat out her
    she is ever green..kyakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. sambu said


    she is very beauty,

  8. m sudhakar reddy said

    chrmi is very sexy heroin in telugu film indrustry and very queet girl acting is good our phisic is very beautiful

  9. Rohit said

    She was sexy on dout She was bauty

  10. chandu said

    she is veryyyyyyyyyyy sexy.i like her very much.she is sooo cuteeeee. she is sooooooooooooo beutiful

  11. nadean said

    That guy is luck enjoyed her. Charmi sexy cleavage heroine.

  12. srinath said

    i kiss for charmi.

  13. govinda said

    he is enjoying……….

  14. sankar said

    charmi i want see u,

  15. malli said

    so sexi

  16. rajesh said

    very hot sexy

  17. sachin said

    she is so sexy that , if she meet me i will marry her

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