SRK Completes The Konnection—Kismat Konnection Theatrical Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Kismat Konnection shown the theaters where the film is releasing (i don’t think this version is available on YouTube either) is simply superb. You get to a preview in to the dialogues; the scenes and the dialogues are really funny. The story seems to be about Shahid who is unlucky all the time. Then, a crystal ball reader–Juhi Chawla– tells him to find a lady luck and that lady is Vidya Balan.

Shahid and his sidekick are good, but you can’t help but think that SRK, would been ideal for such a role. Oh well, perhaps just like me even Aziz Mirza must be aware that had SRK been younger it would have SRK only. It almost looks like Aziz Mirza still has the SRK hangover as the hero mannerisms and characterization seems to be written to suit SRK. The background music and the editing of the trailer is one the best i have seen in recent times for Hindi films. No, there is no SRK voice over in the theatrical trailer.

Just when my thoughts were on how wonderful it would be if SRK was in the movie, i read the news that SRK will be doing the voice over for the film. Just back from London after a family holiday, SRK went straight to the studio in the early hours of the day and completed the work in a few hours. Lets hope that SRK’s Konnection with the film sets the film’s Kismat on track at the box-office.

Interestingly, in Hyderabad, a major revenue center for Hindi films, Kismat Konnection will see a limited release. Not many theaters. While this is generally not the norm these days, it might prove extremely beneficial for the film if the story clicks the audience. If the story clicks, the positive word of mouth spreads, more HOUSE-FULL boards, more prints in the second week…all this will add to the super-hit talk of the film. Lets wait and watch to see what happens.

Produced by Tips Films and the distributed by UTV, Kismat Konnection releases on July 18th.


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