Celebrating Jalsa on it’s 101st Day

Last night I was at Hi-Tech Theater in Madhapur to watch Hancock. During the intermission, as I got up to attend nature’s call the theater wala started playing My Heart..My Heart…from Mantra. As i was entering back to take my seat I could hear a few whistles and claps. As I took my seat, a few rows in front of me, in the Rs.10 stand, a guy (obviously drunk) was swinging to the number.

Next, after this song..the theater guy decided to have more fun so he played…Sa re ga ma…pa da ne sa…karo karo zara jalsajust as the introductory music began there was pandemonium in the theater! The  guy already dancing was accompanied by others too while there were cheers from the crowd “power star pawan kalyan!” Then after this, the lights were further dimmed, the sound increased, and Jennifer Lopez song began….the frenzy in the theater continued. There were several North Indians who were probably wondering what is going on, but for folks like me….we knew this was the effect of Jalsa’s music and the Power of Pawan Kalyan.

Truly, even on the 101st day…the hangover continues. The introductory music of that title song…and the way Pawan Kalyan is shown in the song is etched in our memories….it will generate screams whenever and wherever.


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  1. zach jhonson said

    why did u delete the comment ..scared ?

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