President Bush says, “Singh is King”

Relax, President Bush has not been shown any exclusive preview of the upcoming film starring Akshay Kumar or anything remotely close to that. In the recent G-8 summit, where India plays sidekick to one the big hero’s, Bush said that he respects India and has says hats off to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s leadership. Respect for India is fine, but laurels of Manmohan Singh’s leadership?…where was it? did i miss it the last 4 years? See, this bit of evidence is enough to know what kind of a person was ruling the US and influencing world politics.

Of course Bush will have respect for India and Mr. Singh, after all, our country and its leaders are prepared to de-stabilize the government and  take the nation into premature election mode for a Bush proposal! It’s actually funny to hear such honors coming from one of the least popular Presidents in the history of America and one of the most disliked world leaders. One waste leader complimenting another waste leader. What a joke.


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