Rock On Music Review— Nothing to Rock About

I saw the first theatrical of Rock On when I went to watch Jaane Tu. It was so typical and wannabe Hollywood flick. That apart, it was nice to see an offbeat theme, but somehow the trailer didn’t quite appeal to me. The film introduces Farhan Akhtar [the guy who made Dil Chahta Hai and who messed up SRK’s DON] not only as an actor but as a singer too. The film is all about rock, but the album is nothing rock about.

There are nine tracks in the album and six of them have Farhan Akhtar singing. Ya, he does a fine job. For those who are regular listeners of rock, this album is routine. For those who are not into rock [like me], the album fails to make me buy in to this music. The tunes are just not there. It has all the types of songs…slow, live concert, medium paced, and one screamy song. If the film is well directed, perhaps, the songs will be in sync.

Rock On is a film about 4 friends who wanted to make the best rock band in the country–first of its kind, but for some reason they cannot. Years later, after they have all gone their ways, by way of fate they are brought together to finish their unfinished dream. For a film like this, the music should be addictive and create a rage for a new trend in Rock Music. remember Disco Dancer?—for the average moviegoer disco means Disco Dancer. Thats how it should have been with the music of Rock On…rock is still considered to be western, but music of this film fails to connect with the average moviegoer who is not into rock. With nine tracks and Shankar -Eshaan-Loy as the music directors, one would expect a gem. Alas, that is not the case.

Mr. Inkenti Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down!

Mr. Inkenti’s Pick: none



  1. Ridhima said

    Maybe you’re right about the “Disco Dancer” bit…but I’ll still enjoy a feel good story about four cool dudes.
    I bet it’ll be a fun movie that’ll appeal to the young urban crowd – as all Farhan Akhtar movies are.

  2. Mandar said

    I still appreciate the fact that they came up with something different! I credit Shankar Ehsaan Loy with giving the Bollywood world it’s first guitar solo!! Comparing “Rock On”‘s music to Disco Dancer is just blasphemy!!!

  3. Thanks !

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