Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Dasavatharam

It is soon going to be one month since Kamal Haasan’s Dasavatharam hit the silver screen. It has received its mixed share of reviews, is doing well at the ticket window, and has managed to be become a fancy word in our daily lives. Had the film been more coherent it would have  graduated to becoming a cultural phenomenon, but lets just say that it has become a fancy word to somehow use the term ‘dasavatharam’ into conversations.

On July 5th, 2008 The New Indian Express carried out an interesting article titled Manmohan’s Dasavatharam. For those interested and knowledgeable in politics, this will be a treat. As Dr. Manmohan’s term as Prime Minister is soon to come to an end, in at least a year, it is the time to reflect on what his legacy will be. Clearly, he wanted it to be the Nuclear Deal. Whether it will or not cannot be said at this point, but surely his legacy can be reflected in these 10 avathars he plays. Read it and Enjoy!


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