Will Shahid’s Kismat get Konnected on July 18th?

Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan starrer directed by Aziz Mirza is releasing on July 18th. With a super-duper-hit Jab We Met (the film completed 100 days in Prasadz multiplex in Hyderabad), Shahid Kapoor will sure be hoping that this Kismat gets a permanent Konnection to stardom on July 18th. Yes, if Kismat Konnection hits the bulls eye then Shahid can claim is his stardom with two back-to-back super hits. But for this, the film has to hit bulls-eye and Shahid has to be the crowd puller.

From the looks of it, Kismat Konnection (KK) looks like a romantic film and the a couple of songs are total chartbusters. However, the only drawback so far is Vidya Balan’s hopeless dancing ability. In the music video of Aaii Pappi, all she does is just make facial expressions! How could they choose her when they decided to have such high voltage dance numbers? we only see Shahid dancing, it would be great to see the hero and heroine dance. In addition, Vidya Balan looks like Shahid’s elder sister.

The statements of Aziz Mirza about not taking SRK because he is 40 plus are unwarranteded and seem to be done for quick publicity. There is no doubt that SRK wouldn’t fit the role in a film like KK, but the more appropriate thing to say would be that SRK has grown so big in star stature that he can’t do films like KK. Such statements to pitch Shahid against SRK are only for publicity and will ultimately harm Shahid Kapoor.

Lets wait and see if the Kismat of this film gets Konnected with the Box-office on July 18th. Kismat Konnection is produced by Tips Films (who got a hit in the form of RACE) and is being distributed by UTV Motions Picture.



  1. Ila said

    Well Aziz Mirza is a straight forward man, he does not preempt what he says. The only reason he said what he said was becasue the journalists asked him ‘why he did not choose srk’. And Mirza being SRK’s friend did not see any reason to be politically correct, he just stated a simple fact. Why is this and many articles making such a big deal about it…..such articles are what harm Shahid Kapoor or any actor and not what Aziz Mirza said…media is so stupid these days, its unbelievable… anything for some publicity. Aziz Mirza, I am sure, does not gives a damn about publicity, he’s a genuine film maker, has enough money in his pocket that will see him through the rest of his life, he does not need to retort to such cheap publicity, Its media people like you and many other who would write anything to earn a living and blame it on to a high profile person. Unfortunately a lot of young people who read this trash can’t see through it and actually start believing this c**p.

  2. rakeh said

    i am totally agree with ila…..

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