Its Official Now…Why Amir Khan Doesn’t Attend Awards Shows

Have any of you observed any changes in Amir Khan recently? I am talking about his outreach activities. Yea, he is blogging now and is well known for his infamous blog about his dog named after SRK; clearly, showing his insecurity. He is also engaging in several activities quite uncharacteristic of him. For example, appearing on game shows! can you beleive it?! the perfectionist khan on game shows to promote his film and that too along with his nephew. Next, he organizes one huge premier show of this film Jaane Tu with all the stars of Bollywood invited (but not SRK). And now…drum roll…in a show hosted by Sajid Khan (Farah Khan’s brother and director of Hey Baby) in the soon to be launched channel Colors, Amir will spill the beans over why he not been attending award functions for the last 17 years.

I actually heard this reason a long long time back, but its nice to have it confirmed now. 17 years ago…thats 1991, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Beta (Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit) were competing at the awards. It is rumored that Anil Kapoor bribed the Filmfare walas and took home the best actor and best actress awards. Amir, who believed that Jo Jeeta was a much more superior film had to win awards, was upset when the film didn’t win any award. Amir was so upset that since then he hasn’t shown up at awards.

hmm….cummon now…this is really childish. Such things happen….mass films always score over classy films. Pehla a great song and is a classic, but Madhuri’s Dhak Dhak…still gets the men to go Dhak Dhak. Now, let us take DDLJ versus Rangeela. True, Amir Khan’s performance is a class apart, but DDLJ as a whole had greater appeal and it is still running. Yes, SRK took the award that year.

Anyways, it is kinda strange to see Amir making his presence felt in ways he never did before. Looks like he going the SRK way…perfectionist khan…? ya, right! the title is over-hyped. Amir Khan just a good actor and his acting excels only if the script ranges from great to excellent. He is totally incapable of elevating a simple film the way SRK can.

The interesting thing to see will be Amir shows up at Award Shows this year.



  1. ajinkya said

    its silly.. to compare aamir with srk.. its like comparing rolls royce with maruti.

  2. newsdose said

    learn to spell his name first. It is “Aamir”, not “Amir”.

  3. sabiha said

    You must be so stupid to compare Aamir with Srk. Srk has no class at all. He is way over rated. He is so stupid to make nonsense comments about other but when its his turns he cann’t accept. So he thinks since he is the bollywood
    king (SO WRONG) its ok for him to say BS about others. And you dull head learn to spell Aamir’s name first.

  4. hitesh said

    hey srk is good but he is only gud for romantic movies

  5. km2 said

    i think this man is just out of any mental asylum. Someone should send him back.

  6. rakaj said

    OK! dude get a life..stop judging Aamir khan…we all Aamir khan is the best..and about film fare…or any other award show…lots of best actors and actress get nominated the only person that wins is SRK….we always knew it would be him no matter what….so yea it’s like shipla winning award in london

  7. mani said

    see we all know srk rocks people just say he is over hyped and stuff coz everbody is jealous of him.any lady is ready to die for him and aamir khan is only worth to be the dog of srk.all srk haters get a life.

    • Akash.........BD said

      Hey’ wait when u says any lady is ready to die for Sharuk. How do you know any lady will die for him…..OK let’s put it this way, asked this question to your Mom, Sister or even your wife if U R a married person will they willingly give up they’re lives for SHARUK………….U Will get your correct answer.

      Please don’t think me wrong I am only trying to wake U up…….. Only crazy people will do silly things not everyone. Always think twice when ever you leave any feedback or similar to this article left in public add. WHEN U SAYS ANY LADY, THAT’S MEANS INCLUDE YOUR HOUSE HOLD MEMBERS TOO.

      WELL SAID……………………..DANISHI
      100 percent agreed with your comment…….KHADIJA

  8. jagdish said

    SRK is the worst actor of Bollywood. He overacts in every movie and Indian audiences(most of them) are so foolish to accept him.
    If there is one Avant Garde actor in Bollywood, it is Aamir all the way.
    He is the true star who can make any movie special even by working with NON-FRIEND directors.
    SRK always butters up Farah Khan, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra so they cast him in their every film and he puts up a show of friendship with them, when in reality he is one of the most selfish, egotistical and meanest persons in the film industry.

    Aamir is the WAY bollywood should go if they want to compete with Hollywood.

    • TheObserver said

      Aamir Khan is no saint, I assure you.
      Also, producers cast him because they can depend on him to bring large amounts of box office sales.
      And, SRK made Farah Khan. SHE would be nowhere without his investment.

  9. Gourab said

    Its only bcoz he started to promote his films …so he has suddenly became just a “good actor”!!..rubbish man frst learn to know things correctly….

    when srk does dis it is understandable..weak story line..nd same jail out acting!!boring…… he got to publicite his films….

    but 4 Aamir….its that he runs his own Production House…its obvious that he must publicite his films correctly..properly..which he does!!

    i know u r now gonna say that okk so he became a buissman suddenly!!..isn’t..
    well in true sense..after all its better than to buy some T20 team 4nothing nd then losing badly..what a shame!!…4u too!!!

  10. i always liked aamir khan’s work/ very classic and realistic/ i even dont want to compare him w/ srk/ srk is all about commercials/ nothing real / people should praise aamir’s work not srk/

  11. Adnan khan said

    Its unworthy to compare two big superstars.. Each of them have a different style of acting.. I think both of them are excellent.. My wishes are with them..

  12. anil said

    Its so sad how people like to bring the person thats at the top of his or her profession down. As a owner of 8 cinemas, I will take a SRK movie over any actor at the current time. He fits the phrase “money in the bank” to the tee. I haven’t seen any other actor have more hits in the last 5 years as SRK. I am a huge Aamir fan but there is no better money actor then SRK.

  13. Danish R said

    BOTH KHANs are same and they are not favor to public entertainment or anything. They are just making money and they started fighting because they just want to spread rumors and gosips to attract public. Both are foolish.


  14. Who cares said

    Funny how you don’t mention the rest of Anil’s comments. He also mentions that SRK pays Filmfare for his awards – in as much a joking manner as he references Aamir:

    Anil never even says that him winning the award for Beta is the reason Aamir banned award shows; in fact, Sajid is the one who brings up the fact that Aamir stopped coming to shows after that year. Stop making crap up and at least don’t put your words or opinions into the mouths of famous and admirable stars.

  15. sid said

    good to see so many people in favour of aamir….please think before blogging

  16. Jungle said

    What? Aamir better than SRK No Way !
    I am not saying Aamir isnt worth anything, he sure has his own style. But is SRK is better because :

    1) He can deliver the most emotional dialogues superbly by captivating the audience.
    2) Has an un-matchable laughter style.
    3) Comedy +action + romance+social he can do anything
    4) He can deliver some strong emotions and messages amazingly just with a slight tilt of head or a stress on the eyebrows.

  17. mrinkenti_outofhismind said

    mr. inkenti..

    I wonder with that little or even sometimes seems no thoughts of your own how did you manage to come up with commendable.. srk knows to deliver ham scenes .. Aamir is altogether a different league and class apart from srk…clearly you lack the taste and belong to himmesh reshmiya type movies where B grade songs get whistles… so pls. stop dont comment on movies like jo jeeta wohi sikander…its not your cup of tea…

  18. aamir ka baap said

    aamir khan iz a jerk . . . . . srk rokzzz nd really aamir suckzz !!!!! datz y he makez remarkz abt king khan. aamir khan u really suckz !!1

  19. arzoo said

    i also think both actors r superb in their own way…i love both…all the best to them.

  20. lmfrz said

    “and about film fare…or any other award show…lots of best actors and actress get nominated the only person that wins is SRK…”

    Aamir behaved like a loser by boycotting awards. Now you are also behaving like one.

    SRK @ Filmfare
    Best Actor Baazigar (1993) – Aamir thinks he should have got for HHRPK. Lol!
    Best Actor DDLJ (1995) – Aamir thinks he should have got for Rangeela. Lol!
    (Rangeela is just over-rated. It was not considered a serious contender by any award show in 1995.)
    Best Actor DTPH (1997) – Aamir thinks he should have got for Ishq. Lol!
    Best Actor KKHH (1998) – Aamir thinks he should have got for Mann. Lol!
    Best Actor Devdas (2002) – No release for Aamir
    Best Actor Swades (2004) – No release for Aamir
    Best Actor CDI (2007) – Aamir was nominated in Best Supporting Actor

    SRK didn’t get the Best Actor Award for Mohabbatein. Hrithik got it for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.

    Aamir @ Filmfare
    Best Actor Raja Hindustani (1996)
    Best Actor Lagaan (2001)
    Critics Best Actor RDB (2006) – This is probably the only time he deserved the Best Actor Award for RDB, but Hrithik got it for Dhoom 2.

    In short, Aamir and you should be pissed off with Hrithik rather than SRK.

    Incidentally, Hrithik has got Filmfare Awards almost every time he was nominated.
    2000 – Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
    2003 – Koi Mil Gaya
    2007 – Dhoom 2

    • Sid said

      hrithik deserved it every time he got the award…..but tht does nt seem to be the case with sharukh……..

  21. A true art fan said

    You Idiot

  22. Raf said

    Check out this article about Aamir and awards and shah rukh’s overacting at

  23. mohit gopal said

    Aamir is a great actor and sharuk is a great businessmen how u can compare tow people of diffrent kind altogether. Well they are part of same industry but thr is no camparison cause aamir is here to perform but sharuk is here to earn money. make it clear my freinds.

  24. bollyfan said

    MR Inketi chats rubbish!!

  25. Pravesh said

    Both of them are really good actors but you can’t really compare them to each other. And yes, SRK is the KING of bollywood even though I believe that he kinds overreacts in non-romantic movies. But, his role in Chak-de-India was astonishing. Aamir Khan can be credited for his role in Taree Zameen Par.
    So, all I want to say is that both of them are good but just don’t compare them to each other. Also, Aamir Khan is right in not attending the Award shows, its upto him, thy do the toher people care????

  26. KnowsComedy said

    Well,how i see is that,SRK,and his title are much too over rated,i think both are fantastic,much better than the wanna-be’s in bollywood who would kill for their acting talent.But,SRK should really give the others a chance now,he’s had has tens of thousands of awards,while Aamir has had many just not as much as SRK.Aamir,i think just has a certain class to his acting,while SRK kind of has a sickness or insecurity in his movies which is the only thing that drives him to being melodramatic.And you can kind of see SRK looking old,but Aamir has a certain youthful quality.

    The Verdict:Both are great,but i would much prefer Aamir in movies.

  27. Tab said

    To All the dumb fans of the GREAT HAKLA BADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD..
    Your Badshah’s never had a movie grossing over 300 CRORES in his Entire Life time
    AAMIR has got 2 such movies – BACK 2 BACK.In the last 2 Years.. and Still Counting…
    You dumb morons.

    If your “Badshah” can better that.. then we’ll talk.. Until then – Just Shut up and dont run your dumb mouths off..

  28. arsoob said

    hey u all.. Aamir khan don’t need to do so much film like STK to attrack audience but he do films so that people love him from heart not by picture like SRK. Any way Aamir is the best and will always be in heart of the people not in their mind like people like SRK. Don’t Talk soo much friends,, if SRK can do a film like Ghajini and 3 idiot.. then i will consider Aamir like rubbish..ok
    By the way am sure SRK can’t do it… these extraordinary films..

  29. ARUN_CASIO said

    dear SRK fans……..
    srk is just a stereotype emotional bunch of packet. he always has the same face expressions in emotion scenes. that says it alll. he don have the capability to be compared with GRT AAMIR, who is simply the best.. AAMIR delivers once in an year and SRK has to deliver five. to compete with AAMIR’s 1..

  30. Sheldon said

    Your opinion is testimony to fact that you are not rational person.

    You seem to be entertained by cheap thrills and cheaper movies.

    SRK may be good in his own right, but when you talk about acting……

    Aamir is a brand while SRK is a commodity….(if you know what that means) LOL

  31. rizwankhan26 said

    hey guys it is a very good dicussion abouth srk and aamir.. they er both very good actors and i like both of them.. and to anil i want to say that srk doesnt bring more money then aamir because if u see his new movie 3 idiots and ghajini it has both been all time blockbusters and has the record for highest grossong film in bllywood until yet.. so it is not abouth money.. and ammir had make great films froom 2001 until yet.. 2001 : laagan
    2002 dilchata hai
    and alot of ohter movies and i love srk also and he had made grateat movies too.. but if u see the way they perform is very differnt and they also gets differnt roles they never play roles which the same.. and the reason for why aamir wasnet nominated a couple of times was because aamir always says that he doesnt take all movies only those which he like and gives sense to him.. and i think that this is a good thing because if u see the differnt beetwens movies in hollywood and bollywood is that the movies bollywood makes gives more sense then the hollywood films.. i am not sayning that hollywood movies isnt good they are good really good some of them.. but if wee thakes 2 movies one from hollywood and one from bollywod. like krrish and spiderman which was great hts in there filmindustries i think krrish gives more sense to me because there is a messeage with the movie and something that they want to tell us.. and thats what we as the audince have to se and findt out even a films gets flop we sholuld see and understand the message in the ovie and try to understand what the fim want to tell us..

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