The Countdown Begins…For the Benefit of Our Nation

In the afternoon, i was thrilled to see that the Indian stock market was in the green. Thrilled i was in spite of the stock market tanking consistently. And then i went to the petrol pump only to have the guy tell me that there is no power and asked me to come after 4pm. Then I went to another petrol pump (this is in Hyderabad) only to hear that there is shortage of petrol; they have only Speed and not the unleaded. At this point, my fuel tank was almost empty and i was just praying that the car doesn’t stop on one of these highly congested and choked city roads. I would feel bad, not as much for me as much i would for the rest of the city…for if my car stopped on raod #1, the jam will go on untill raod #10. thats how well planned our city is! I finally filled up fuel at a station and felt the pinch of the steep prices.

anyways, what i mentioned above are just simple problems most people are facing in our nation. However, our leaders have other more strategic issues to think about. For example, our policy makers and leaders are bickering over a civilian nuclear deal with the US and till yesterday (untill the SP decided to step in for support) were ready to let the govt. fall. Yes, this deal is very important to us….so important that we are not even sure if the US legislative houses will even honor this and we are ready to let go of our stable government for this. For a deal that, let me repeat, is yet to be approved by the US and it has to happen before the guy who messed up the world leaves office.

Like my close friend and colleague  mentioned, this is  such a deadly script that it will even put Spielberg to shame! All this fighting for a deal that might or might go through the US Houses and when we have so many other pressing issues troubling the public? All this fighting is purely for the votes. Clearly, the nation is messed up right now–right? mr. arrogant FM?–and no party wants to be a party to this. So…let us split over an issue that doesn’t concern the common man, go for elections, and then again team up.

what an idea sirji!

ps–is anybody talking about where the nuclear waste will be dumped and how it will be managed? as it is, we have a great time managing our human waste. perhaps, we will have open drain canals of nuclear waste too!…and just how we all have developed a certain immunity to this garbage…Indians will develop immunity to nuclear waste as well!


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