Love Story 2050 Review— Ridiculous Story 2008

To be honest, i actually thought a sci-fi version of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai will repeat itself in 2008. Director-papa, hero-son, promos showing some inkling of re-birth, action, and of course some great dance steps. Add to this, the film was being hailed as Bollywood’s first true blue sci-fi film. I was actually supporting Harman Baweja because he is not really a star-son, u know what i mean? its not like Harry Baweja, his father, is as popular or noteworthy as Rakesh Roshan. Anyways, i was exited about this film with hopes of it being the first sci-fi futuristic masala film. My hopes are shattered–Love Story 2050 is 2008’s most ridiculous film yet.

In Sydney, Australia, Karan (Harman Baweja) is the son of a super-duper rich and busy father who lost his mother and is lonely. To get his dad’s attention he does silly things like race and wreck his dad’s multi-million dollar sports car etc. One fine day he sees a beautiful girl Sana (Priyanka Chopra) playing with a butterfly and yes, falls in love with her. He then begins to chase, impress, sing, propose etc and finally wins her. Karan wins Sana’s heart when he goes to meet her in the town where his uncle lives. Uncle Ya, is a genius from NASA who is building a time machine. It doesn’t work yet, but nonetheless Karan and Sana sit inside it and Sana wishes to go to Mumbai 2050. But before this wish is fulfilled, on that fateful night Sana dies in a car accident.

Uncle Ya suggests that they travel back in time and rescue her, but unfortunately the time machine is locked for Mumbai 2050. At this point Karan realizes that probably Sana is in 2050 and her punching in those numbers into the time machine before her death is a sign. So Uncle Ya and Karan travel to Mumbai 2050. By this time Mumbai is completely transformed—flying cars, robots, etc etc…its more like Mumbai 3050! Anyways, Karan finds that Sana is a super star pop singer named Zeisha. Oh yes, there is a villain just for the sake of having a couple of fights who wants the time machine. The villain looks like a clown dressed as Darth Vader. Karan convinces Zeisha that she is Sana and that they loved each other and finally takes her back. All ends well and everybody is back in Australia 2008 looking at videos and photographs of their trip to Mumbai 2050.

Now, why did i take the pains of writing the story in such detail in the above two paragraphs? Answer—to save you the pain of sitting through this film in case you get tempted by the flying cars. The first one hour is a complete waste because the proceedings are too slow and simply lack the fizz that is needed for a love story. Ten minutes before the interval move fast and are interesting. Again, the second half is just a big waste. The futuristic Mumbai, flying cars, red hair, artificial robotic intelligence, special effects, grand sets…nothing works because there is nothing for them to rest on. The film is lengthy, three hours plus, but fortunately the theater wala (Ramakrishna 70mm) decided to bail out the audience by chopping off some portions. Either that, or the film makers themselves decided to trim the film.

Harman Baweja is good, but i would really like to ask Harman and his dad whose idea it was to make him look like Hrithik?—i mean, the same sideburns, stubble, hairstyle…cummon man. He was even trying to act like him and at times like SRK (thankfully he didn’t try to bend or twist his lips like SRK). He dances great (the opening dance steps of milo na milo; a few dance steps will remind telugu audience of Chiru’s dance steps) and has good agility for action movies (there should have more action scenes for the newcomer). Harman has potential to be a star, but he has to be himself—acting and looks as well. Rest of the cast were okay, but they could hardly do anything given such bad direction.

Harry Baweja should simply have stuck to this forte of making an action thriller; and set it in the future if he was that keen on wanting to create a new trend. The movie is a complete let down and a big bore. Just read this review and check out milo na milo video on YouTube and save yourself the pain of watching this film.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down!



  1. Vandana said

    terrible movie.Daddy Hafrry do your son a favor and let him find his own way in Bollywood.He has some talent and he will be better of doing believable roles than this kind of a kitschy film.

  2. jnj said

    a good review, but very harsh indeed. Mr.Inkenti should realize that the standards of bollywood are far far far different from the standards of Hollywood. You can’t judge Hindi movies through the eyes of the best of hollywood directors.
    judgement should be relative to equivalent hindi movies.

  3. gj said

    the more i see of hindi movies, i feel they can come out with music dance videos with a few fight sequences thrown in. It would be short and sweet and easy on the pocket of the producer. and it will spare the audience of unnecessary torture of a figuring out a non-existent story line.

  4. omer said

    This movie really sucks big time. The hero pathetically tries to look like HR and the acting is a let down. I dont think he has the potential to be a star, he is just another wanabe lookalike. Most importantly he will always be overshadowed by Hrithik because of his resemblance to him.

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