Jaane Tu Vs Love Story 2050: First Day Review Reports

There is something spooky about the way moviegoers feel about certain movies. I think they call it vibes. In Hyderabad, since Monday, when advance booking–online and tele booking—began, Jaane Tu seemed to be the hot choice. For some reason moviegoers did not have good feeling about Love Story. On the contrary, I thought Love Story with all its futuristic and hi-fi look and promise of masala entertainment will the top choice. In fact, people would laugh at the suggestion of watching Love Story on the first day.

The initial verdict suggests that Jaane Tu is the clear winner and Love Story is a loser.

Jaane Tu: Clearly, the yuppy feel, Genelia presence, and Amir Khan’s tag as the producer helped. But most importantly, it is A R Rahman’s music—2 tracks are super-hits—that is creating the buzz. The film lives up to these expectations. Jaane Tu is a breezy, feel-good entertainer. The treatment is fresh. Do not expect it to be a path-breaking or original love story…it is only a good time-pass feel good film. thats it.

Love Story 2050: The film is being torn apart by critics. Even bloggers have torn apart this film. The major complaint is the lack of story and excessive length. Harman Baweja is being subject to ruthless analysis and his similarity to Hrithik Roshan has worked towards the film’s disadvantage.

As on the first day, it looks like Jaanu Tu gets a thumbs up and Love Story a thumbs down.

Imran Khan vs Harman Baweja

Irrespective of the fate of their films, it looks like Harman Baweja is a star to watch out for. He dances great and fights well; given the right script he will shine. Imran Khan looks only sutiable to act in chick-flicks (like Ranbir Kapoor). Between these two, Harman Baweja has potential to be a star.



  1. Saumya said

    This is the first positive review i have read in favour of Harman Baweja and i think its the most perfectly analysed,unbiased absolute review about Imran and Harman.I guess Imran will be a good actor though not star and Harman,if directed well and made to look original rather than a copy can proabaly be a Star (nt sure as i havent seen the movie yet).

  2. krsihna allahu said

    well ithink harman is a copy of hritik roshan. well he is a good actor but still we have on that is enough.again when aamir came he was the same as imran but now he is the best actor in the whole industry know as perfectionist.
    but lets see only future and god can decide.

  3. Sweetie said

    I think Harman is the best,he is a already a star,just needs a good script!Their love story 2050 was nice.And i think infact i’m sure Jaane tu ya jaane na is a hit against LS2050 just because of the big names related to it,like AR rehmaan and Aamir khan.Otherwise i don’t think imraan has a bright future as a star,all harman did was on hi sown ability and talent but imraan’s film’s hit just coz of the over publicity done thnks to uncle aamir!!I just hate that guy i mean imraan.Harman forever.LOVE U HARMAN AND WISH U ALL THE BEST AND WELCOME TO BOLLYWOOD,I’M SURE WE’LL GET TO SEE THE BEST IN U!!

  4. Sweetie said

    AND yes forgot to say,harman Is NOT hritik copy ppl!!Where is his fault if god has given him a face like hritik’s???!!Don’t say rubbish that he is a hritik’s copy!!He’s a master piece!!;)

  5. JAS said

    I too think Harman Baweja is a name to remb in bollywood. I mean this guy is talented…….he dances like like a star……he comes on the screen like a superstar……i loved seeing him on the big screen……..he’s superb

  6. amit parab said


  7. Gourab said

    sweetie..i luv u..!!!
    beleive..how could anyone just possibly not fall in love with you..after u have said that…”He’s a master piece!!”……

    lol…lol…save this world..thy GOD..plz!!!
    what a childish comment!!!….d only xcuze that ur still under 14!!

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