Kuselan/Kathanayakudu Music Review—Decent Work

Typically, for a film starring a super-star, a review, audio or film, begins with acknowledging it as a highly anticipated or much expected film, but not for this one. ‘Super Star’ Rajnikanth and the entire team of Kuselan needs to be applauded for wrapping up the film in such brisk pace [82 days approx.] The film was announced, went into production, and here comes the audio and next the film. This brisk cycle checks the expectations on the film and will ultimately only benefit the film. Anyways, the question now is does GV Prakash Kumar, the music director, deliver what is needed for a film starring Rajnikanth?—Yes. The next question: is he, as Rajni proclaimed at the audio function, a combination of Illairaja and AR Rahman—No; his music for Kuselan is just fine, but not out-of-this-world; definitely it puts Rajni’s statement out of context.

The album has five songs. A couple of light-slow numbers [challe challe, vatche vatche], the mandatory super-star numbers [cinema cinema–Shankar Mahadevan does a great job!, ra ra ramayana—nice dappu song effectively sung by Kailash Kher], and one cool number [Om Zaarare], which sounds special only because of the Daler Mehndi and Chitra combo. The orchestration is familiar and quite Rahmanian; the tunes are fine. The songs will definitely work well on the screen, but are not gems just for the sake of audio. For Rajni fans, comparing Kuselan to Sivaji—overall, Kuselan is a better album, but definitely does not have a blockbuster number like vaji vaji.

Looks like Kamal and Rajni are competing to project their global image. In Dasavatharam, Kamal blatantly goes overboard by projecting himself as the universal hero [lets not even talk about the Oscar and being more knowledgeable than Fraued, which is just plain silly]. Thankfully, in Kuselan Rajni decides to limit it to a few lines that he is in the hearts of people in South Asia.

Kuselan, the Tamil version, will be dubbed in to Telugu as Kathanayakudu, which is produced by Awsini Dutt—who can now at least hope of making money after consistently investing in losing films since 2003. However, given that the film has only 40 minutes of Rajni, the over emphasis of Rajni on all promotion material at the cost of eclipsing other important characters in the film is worrying. It will only confuse the audience and make the film makers look too street-smart and selfish. It is but natural to showcase the presence of a super star, but when the super star is only there for a limited time the marketing strategy calls for balance.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Only One Thumb Up.

Mr. Inkenti’s Pick: Om Zaarare, Cinema Cinema


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