Kismat Konnection Music Review—Good Konnection

‘Mahachor’ Music director Pritam is back again with a peppy, high-energy album that includes one blockbuster number. Kismat Konnection stars Young Shining Star Shahid Kapoor (in my eyes, he has graduated from Young Rising Star) along with Vidya Balan and is directed by Aziz Mirza who have memorable movies with young SRK (raju ban gaya gentleman, yes boss). Clearly, for this romantic film the songs are cool enough to get the audience to build expectations on the film.

Pritam dishes out a good album with five songs. A couple of slow and light numbers [is this love, bakhuda tumhi ho–routine pritam melody number with atif aslam in high pitch screaming] and three fast paced dance numbers [move your body now, soniye ve–regular bhangra number, aai paapi]. Aai Paapi is a blockbuster dance number and just check out the promos to see how Shahid Kapoor sets the dance floor on fire.

The songs are good, but not great. They are good dance numbers, which will look great on screen. I expected an Aziz Mirza film to have some sensitive, innocent melody numbers. Shahid and Vidya seem to have good chemistry, but Vidya looks out of place in the dances and looks like a elder sister to Shahid. Post-Jab We Met and Shahid-Kareena break-up there were rumors that Vidya and Shahid and getting pally and close—i am not sure if they are in a relationship, but the chemistry is there.

As for Pritam, a word of caution before appreciating his music: he copies music from different parts and corners of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aai Paapi is also taken from some part of the world. To know more about his copycat acts–there are people who have dedicated research to expose him.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Only One Thumb Up. High on energy, but low on melody.

Mr. Inkenti’s Pick: Aai Paapi, Move Your Body Now



  1. km2 said

    never read such a bad review…i dont know who let these people write…how come pritam is mahachor? atif aslam never screams..he sings you idiot…ever listened to any good music you crap?

  2. rana said

    right said km2. moron inkenti, ur crap and choice of song reveals the “music” matter in u. why do u write here, dude?

  3. mounir said

    moi ounir de taza

  4. zahra said

    I L U.shahid kapoor and I L U.vidya balan soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mach

  5. 3aboura said

    je t’aime shahid kapoor il est un trés joliiiiiiiiiiiiiii acteur

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