Ready Movie Review— Brahmanandam makes it Enjoyable!

After ‘Seenu’ had a not so good stay in ‘Dubai’, Mr. Seenu Vaitla this time is ready [read eager] to get this throne back as the director who can deliver lol comedy, sensitive emotions, and an interesting story all in one package. Although this time around, Seenu Vaitla is unable to deliver the above mentioned features to their fullest [like Anandam, Venky], he and his writers somehow succeed in presenting an enjoyable fare.

Chandu [Ram] is a cool dude in college ready for any challenge. Chandu is ready to help his friends get married by facilitating their elopement. In one such episode, Chandu and his gang take away Pooja (Genelia). However, Pooja is only too happy with this development as she too is being forced by her family in to her marriage. Chandu falls in love with Pooja [of course] and helps her escape from her family’s goons. The first half pretty much goes by without any interesting story, but Seenu Vaitla manages to keep the proceedings from getting boring. The second half is the when the movie gains momentum. Pooja is taken back by her family and kept in captivity. It is now up to Chandu to get ready with an idea to bring the warring families together, win their heart, and marry his lady love. It is in this journey that Chandu meets McDowell Murthy [Bhramanandam], a close friend, accountant, and tax consultant for the warring faction families in the seema area. Chandu cleverly uses Murthy to get close to the families and plays the game, which is full fun primarily because the fun uses Murthy as the center point. As Murthy, Brahmamandam with his expressions, not only has the audience in splits, but completely steals the show by eclipsing others.

On the flip side, the story has all the routine elements–faction backdrop, Sumo’s/Safari’s, Goondas etc. Thankfully, however, the director only uses these elements as the backdrop and does not get involved in detail with any of them. The climax too is spared of any unnecessary complications and fights. There are fights, which are unrealistic with full of string work and are not even necessary for this kind of movie; they are only there for the hero [it is his home production]. The songs are good. Genelia is cute, but somehow she doesn’t look that good in this film; perhaps she is too busy trying to look good for her Bollywood films! Overall, a strong second half and a brilliant portrayal of Brahmanandam makes the film a winner!

For those who enjoyed Dhee and have looked at it closely, will realize that Ready also is a close cousin of Dhee–in terms of the set-up: goons, an accountant [Brahmam], a youngster using the accountant to win the goon’s family girl etc. However, given the nonsense and crap Tollywood audience have been presented since April until now [read Jalsa, Kantri, Bujjigaadu, Parugu, Dasavatharam], Ready comes as a great releif. At least we can walk out of the theater with one unanimous feeling that—we enjoyed the film. Perhaps, Seenu Vaitla is more aware of this than us because he makes sure that the last frame of the film is…you guessed it….Mr. Brahmanandam! [btw, watch out for Brahmam is his sherwani!…he looks cool!]

I would have loved to give this film two thumbs up, but given the not-so-special first half and similarity to Dhee, i cannot. However, i strongly recommend this film to all those who want to flush out the crap they watched this summer.

Mr.Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: One Thumb Up! Get Ready to Enjoy!



  1. seenu said

    You ______ u like this movie.
    Go to hell

  2. ram said

    wtf ??
    This is movie is a headache !!

    One more reason why mrineknti sucks ..get a life l0ser stop misleading people and trying to make everybody vote for chiranjeevis party .

  3. Divya.k said

    This movie is very good.It touches the family sentiment

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