Kamal Haasan’s Next: The 101 Kauravas

Yes, my friends, it is unofficial and you read only on Mr. Inkenti’s Blog. Some of us are yet to come out of shock over the 10 avatars of Kamal in Dasavatharam and personally, i continue to appreciate Kamal’s effort to accommodate the 10 avatars even if the film gets messy. Anyways, the movie is done now and opened to fantastic openings as expected, but will surely dwindle down with the “headache” talk generated for the movie.

Sources not even related to Kamal or his office tell us that Kamal is dissatisfied with the negative talk and the way he is being ridiculed by bloggers and moviegoers. Kamal is not satisfied even though rediff.com and The Hindu gave rave reviews. Kamal is unable to believe that even though the played 10 roles in a film people are complaining about the story. Kamal’s sources have told him that many are not impressed with the 10 roles. However, as we all know Kamal is not the guy who will take criticism lying low and he has already began planning his next magnum opus.

This time around, Kamal wants to [literally] blow away the mids of moviegoers by making a movie based on the Mahabharata epic. The film will focus on the Kauravas and we will see Kamal play [hold your breadth] all the 101 Kauravas!!!!! This is unbelievable!!! I completely agree with Kamal; after Dasa he cannot act in a movie where there is only one Kamal and now is time to rise from dasa to satha plus 1 so that nobody, not only on earth but any other planet, can contest his record.

So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for Kamal Haasan’s mega magnum opus—The 101 Kauravas. Of course, counseling services will be provided at each theater to help moviegoers come out of the shock and get back to normal daily life.

ps–come to think of it, this is not a bad idea to get a world record. is kamal reading this?



  1. I’ve already read about these Kauravas joke here:

  2. vman said

    Did u even understand the movie dasavatharam ??
    its a classic karma philosophy told in a thrilling way.

    if u recollect, all the 9 characters other than the 12 century Character, have a part in saving the Bio-chemical from causing harm to the world.

    At some point or the other they all help the scientist (knowingly or unknowingly) in saving the Bio-chemical .

    The connect is this. and all stories are well linked. and Finally the irony kamal joins Asin, by coming out of Sea with Lord. Weheras in 12th century he goes of from Asin with lord.

    Just to show Good deeds are rwarded not necessarily in same birth.
    Again karma philosophy. If you dont understand, see the movie again.

  3. sparsham said

    You seem to lack the basic understanding of Kamal’s movies. Though some of movies are technically sound/ filled with humor/ etc.. they have the tint of philosophy in them.

  4. Dauntlessboy said

    Hey Guy,

    I don’t know whether to feel pity for your highheaded thinking since you get to write something you know and people to read or ignorance of your low lying knowledge.

    You are completely in very low league to review such movies. I suggest better you don’t review the movies like Dasavatharam, Happening etc. Your level of knowledge, maturity suits well when you review some TV soaps or mindless comedies of Tollywood.

    Again, i am not criticising you personally. Yes, everyone has their right to opine , criticise a movie. But don’t just use that right to say anything about things you don’t really qualify for.

    Though may look comic, your review sounds to me like an old uneducated village man talks about Nano-technology when he reads about in a regional magazine.

    Your Review of Dasa expresses more your ignorance than about the movie.

  5. ash said

    U r Very Clever!!!!

    By giving stupid & Notorius Comments U attract
    more responds!!!

    Clever man…

    Y worrying about Dasavataram, SRK, Rajini, Vijay,
    and almost every Kannada & Telugu films are ther for you.

    Go watch OSO and sivaji… It will suit u.

    Dasavatharam is for some people with good Sense
    and for some elite people…

    Don’t watch it… Don’t comment it…. DON’T BLOG about it…

  6. Srinivasan said

    This is one of the super movies, which the Indian cinema has ever produced.

    This movie tells you that helping people in the difficult situation is far better than doing pooja.

    This movie also speaks about environment.

    This move also speaks about there is not religion.

    Finally the super dialog from Kamalji, if God would have been there it would have been good.

    What more you want from a movie,

    Please think!

    Thank you.


  7. Level_Headed said


    Box office record – 50 crores in two weeks for Dasavatharam

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