ADLABS Glodspot in Hyderabad

ADLABS was founded by Manmohan Shetty along with Vasanji Mamania as a small processing unit for ad films in 1978. In 1989, they entered the mainstream film industry and have never looked back. Today, ADLABS is considered to be the largest entertainment conglomerate in India and is soon making inroads in the international market as well. ADLABS is in to the strategic aspects of the movie industry: production, distribution, exhibition, and processing. ADLABS was the first to introduce the IMAX experience and hail themselves as pioneers in giving a corporate face to multiplexes and movie making. In June 2005, Reliance ADAG bought a majority share in ADLABS and this strategic partnership has worked wonders in bringing about a synergy between animation, movie making, distribution, radio and digital cinema and so on.

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LOCATION: Hailing themselves as the King of Cinemas, ADLABS have entered the City of Nizams in style. ADLABS Goldspot, as it is called, is located on the Level 5 of BIG BAAZAR in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

REVIEW: Given below is the review of the multiplex in terms of prices, comfort, amenities.

  1. Parking: Honestly, the parking does not impress. Cellar 2 of the basement is reserved for ADLABS parking, but it is not the most convenient of cellar parking. The turns are congested and so are the parking spots. The incline on the way to exit is sure to make several drivers nervous. No fee for parking. Ameerpet, as a location, is a nightmare during peak hours.
  2. Directions to the multiplex: from the parking in the cellar are non-existent. There are no signs about which level the box office is located and which level the multiplex is located. There are three elevators in the cellar and it is entirely possible for you to go straight to the level 5 without knowing that you must stop at level 1 to visit the box-office for tickets.
  3. Box-Office: looks swanky with film promo-boards, large plasma screens. There are four booking counters. However, there is no indication on the screens as to the status of the shows. Ticket is priced at Rs. 100.
  4. Advance Booking: Online booking is available and you can choose your seats as well. There is no convenience charge for booking tickets online. You will need to create an account. Telebooking is not available in Hyderabad. You can also use the ADLABS easyticket, which is a pre-paid ticket card that you can charge up to Rs. 1000. Every time you come to buy tickets, simply use this card at the box office instead of cash or credit card. The easyticket can be recharged over phone, at the box office, or internet. You can also download the box-office to your mobile device.
  5. To Level 5: there is one exclusive ADLABS elevator from the floor where the box-office is located.
  6. The Plex: ADLABS delivers what it promises—that they will make you feel like royalty once you enter. The lobby is plush and full of style. As you enter, just in front of you are the seven food eat-outs, with the popcorn-cola station being the most prominent, and to the sides, can go unnoticed are the four screens with an electronic scroll bar display.
  7. The Screens: There are total four screens with a total of 1361 seating capacity. The seating capacity varies from 316 to 372. The seats are plush and you will go ‘wow’ when you take a seat on the seats labelled ADLABS. The foot space is fine (it is the best for row D!). The crystal clear DTS sound, the screen size, and the superior Xenon projection system are excellent. The air conditioning is very effective.
  8. The Food: Now, let us talk about the food spread, which is so elaborate that you will get confused if you have come to watch movies or eat! There are a total of 7 eat-outs. The details are given below and detailed prices can be checked in the photo gallery:
    1. Roll Call—Veg and Non Veg Rolls with extra helping of onion salad on request. Yum and Delicious. Rolls begin at Rs. 30
    2. Scoops Ice-Cream: Single scoop begins at Rs. 35
    3. Crazy Cup Corn: this has now become a standard feature at most cinemas.
    4. The Colas and Popcorn: This is ADLABS own station that sells popcorn (Rs 35/45, salted/flavored), Pepsi (Rs 35/45, Regular/Large), and Samosa (Rs. 30)
    5. Temptations: South Indian tiffins (idly,Rs. 35) and hyderabadi dishes (biryani Rs 85). The tomato bath is great and is served on a plate with sambar, chutney, and raita.
    6. Celebrations: The Ultimate Chat corner with prices starting at Rs. 35. The Bhel Puri is one of the best i have had.
    7. Yummiez: This offers the junk food with fries, cheese sticks, cheese fingers etc.
  9. Food Delivery: at the screen is available. The best part is that you can carry your plate in side the screen to dine and watch!

Reflections: No doubt, ADLABS offers a great cinematic experience, however, families must know that just like all other multiplexes, this one too is an expensive experience. For families who are regular moviegoers and with tight budgets, ADLABS is not the right place. Most multiplexes, PVR, ADLABS, Prasads, and the others that will follow strive very hard to provide you a cinematic experience with all sorts of fancy amenities and services. They do this, perhaps, because they are only too aware that the true cinematic experience is in the single screen, the balcony seating, the hot tea and samosa at Rs. 5, and of course the cheering and audience involvement in a single screen.

Bottom Line: If you can afford it and like the multiplex environment…then ADLABS treats you like royalty! Enjoy!



  1. Dwarfish said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Dwarfish.

  2. HAIDH said

    omg…………! wht is the frikkin number for the adlabs shit!!

  3. Saache said

    I really admire your website for featuring the upcoming movie trailers! Its very interesting and a great feature!

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