Singh is King: Theatrical Trailer Analysis

The much awaited trailer of, what is touted to be the biggest blockbuster release of bollywood in 2008, Singh is King, is out on the Tube! The film carries the ‘Blockbuster’ tag even before its release because it stars Akshay Kumar who have four back-to-back hit (read high revenue generating) films in 2007. This coupled with the presence of “King” in the title is adding to the hype. In fact, Singh is King is expected to be 2008’s Om Shanthi Om.

The trailer announces that Singh is King comes from the makers who have four box-office successes in the form of No Entry, Waqt, Nameste London, Welcome. These films are not from the same team of Singh is King–Akshay Kumar, Vipul Amritlal Shah (producer), Anees Bazmee (director)—but each film has one of the above names associated with it. Being boastful is acceptable, but this is misleading.

Nothing about the film is revealed in this 55 second trailer, which only shows Akshay Kumar taking stage with a turban, a mean-trip beard, and sunglasses. Apparently, we have never seen him before like this. The trailer also declares Akshay Kumar as ‘King of Bollywood’. Now, this is funny to me. Does someone become King of Bollywood over one year of officially making it to the A-list? True, his movies have generated good revenue, but 2 out of the 4 were multi-starers. Moreover, it takes much more to be the ‘King’.

Over all, the trailer does not live up to the hype or at least it does not manage to create a new wave of curiosity or hysteria (unlike RGV’s Sarkar Raj teaser). The trailer does not serve the purpose of communicating with the audience as to what the film is about; it merely boasts of the team’s previous hits.

The film is presented by Adlabs for Blockbuster Movie Entertainers. Produced by Vipul Amritlal Shah, and directed by Anees Bazmee. Coming in August 2008, Singh is King is expected to register a blockbuster opening and ‘RULE’ the box-office on its first weekend. Released Worldwide by I Indian Films.



  1. friend said

    Looks like the writer is fan of sharukh.

  2. villy said

    very correctly said that the fan is die hard fan of shahrukh

  3. villy said

    sorry writer * instead of fan

  4. vikki said

    ta writer is SRK fan fo sure…haha!! Loser…da trailer conveyed so much..wen i first saw it…da feeling tat i was filled with was….wow king is here…he lukd lyk king..ta appearance…nn da movie is sure fo masses..nnn is gonna hit wif great opening…if da is gud..izz gonna fare great..if izz bad..den it’l atleast cover da cost…so tat’s some hype..aint it?

  5. Lenoj said

    The writer is srk fan

  6. AKKU said

    Surely, Shah rukh has placed his pawns every where, who would write ill of competitors’ films. Same happened with Savaria too.

  7. akki said

    writer seems to be a dumb critic….he for sure is SRK’s fan…
    but AK is simply superb in trailors..he for sure is KING..
    so Mr writer go back home and enjoy SRK’s movie.

  8. jathin chandran said

    Akshay Kumar has been giving hits frm past 5 years and i have been die hard fan of akki frm 15years.

    The writer is useless

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