The Jalsa Movie Review

The big question on everybody’s mind, fans and others, since many years has been when will Pawan Kalyan make the leap from Khushi? With each passing movie it is now 7 years and everybody is hoping that Trivikram–The Great, will hold Pawan Kalyan by the hand and make him do the big leap. Several questions are in the minds: has Power Star transcended the Khushi frontier? will the movie live up to the expectations and the hype? While the answer to these questions over the last 7 years was clear, this time around the answer is…Yes and No. Read on.

First, let us talk about the King. No, not Pawan Kalyan, I am talking about the story, which is King in any movie and star power, performances and the works can only add to it or build on it. Unfortunately, Jalsa lacks the story, or put another way, it just does not have the [power] punch in the story. There is some story, but it is not up to the mark, definitely not up to the Trivikram mark. Sanjay Sahoo [Pawan Kalyan] is a happy-go-lucky jalsa guy in college with a band of friends living in a swanky house, boozing all the time, and falling in and out of love. Parvati Melton and Illeana both fall in love with him, he selects Illeana somehow. The entire first half has just two separate unconnected screenplay–Sanjay and his college life and Mukesh Rishi and his gang. Mukesh spots Sanjay and begins to chase him culminating in the pre-interval sequence where Sanjay reveals [spoilers ahead] that he was a naxal. Fortunately, the naxal sequence is kept short with Sanjay joining the mainstream, continues to romance Illeana, and confrontations with the Mukesh become face-to-face when Mukesh reveals why he is actually after Sanjay. All this culminates in a deadly sword fight at the end with high-voltage philosophy of a warrior [perhaps, this was the perceived image for the hero]. I know, this sounds more like a sequence of events, but this is what the story is[my question to the makers: is what you came up with after roughly 1 and a half years?].

Pawan Kalyan is his usual self. There is no special characterization of Sanjay Sahoo. He tried too hard to do a Khushi while among his gang of friends and lover(s) and with the villains he was like Badri. Sure, no complaints, but to make that big leap you cant wear the same old characters on you; I was hoping Trivikram will give Pawan Kalyan a new dimension. As for dances, Pawan Kalyan disappoints big time. You & I, My Heart is Beating, Sa re ga ma…Jalsa, Jennifer Lopez have all gone waste with Pawan Kalyan deciding not to put in the needed energy; he however does shake a leg in Gallilo Telinatu. Having repeatedly done this film after film, fans must stop expecting dance from the star who gave Tollywood a new style and dimension to dancing. The makers should have simply invited Allu Arjun and Ram Cheran to do guest roles in some of the above songs and that would have been a blockbuster experience. However, the fights are superb and Pawan Kalyan shows his power in fight sequences, the best in the industry. Quite contrary to several web reviews, which hailed the movie for its comedy, I will say that it will be the fights that will pull in the masses.

Trivikram’s taking is nothing to boast off; he still has a major Athadu hangover. The fights have the same color tinge of the agricultural field fight sequence of Athadu. The famous Trivikram characterizations are missing and the punches do not come close to those he claimed his fame with. For those who understand comedy [which is mainly about characters rather than antics] will agree that there is no comedy in the movie. It is filled with funny sequences. As a writer, Trivikram throws in some big lines about a warrior’s philosophy towards the end and thats about it. If Trivikram’s previous work is any track record, I am compelled to imagine the degree of interference he must have had to deal with in the story. Needless to say, the film title does not match the content of the movie.
Why else would he include the naxal episode? Sanjay Sahoo reveals his former naxal-identity with high voltage emotions, but is shown leaving naxals in the most ludicrous way possible—straight from the jungle to fast food chains and multiplexes in the city. Pawan Kalyan’s dialogue on why he enters naxals resembles his speech on TV while launching the Common Man Protection Force. In this 10 minute episode, Pawan Kalyan does [perhaps] what he wanted to do in Sathyagrahi.

Do you remember how Illeana was shown on screen in Devadasu and Pokiri?—men were drooling and wanted to see her again and again. In Jalsa she looks like a weak, meek, 9th class student who has been studying night and day for her exams without eating well. Another wasted resource. All other characters are just incidental and do their parts well. Ali too is totally wasted. Sunil, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu do their brief roles effectively.

The only person who has put his heart and soul into this project is Mr. Devi Sri Prasad, the music director. The songs are not only good, they made fans and general audience forget the past and injected a new faith and enthusiasm about Pawan Kalyan delivering a blockbuster. DSriP, congratulations and a big thank you from all fans!

All this analysis apart, Jalsa is all set to be a hit. However, the range cannot be decided right now. The film has taken a historic start at the ticket window. I saw the film in a side theater later in the evening and the atmosphere was electrifying. As this review is going to the press, the entire state is doing Jalsa. The songs , power-packed fights, comedy and the sheer presence of Pawan Kalyan are the positive aspects of the film. Do not watch the film hoping for a Trivikram classic or a Khushi, and i assure you–the movie will be enjoyable. Truly, Pawan Kalyan is the definition of a ‘hero’; in spite of 7 years of Khushi, the craze he receives and the command he has over masses is much bigger than stars who consistently deliver hits. In fact, Pawan Kalyan has grown even bigger over the past 7 years and is truley the King of Andhra–Brother of Indra!

Parents must know that this film is rated U/A. Parents should talk to their kids about the protagonist drinking alcohol with this friends and referring to the rape of a woman as though it is a ‘manly’ thing to do. There is violence and graphic details of blood splurting out of veins is shown. The main character also talks about how becoming a naxal was a natural choice, but parents should talk to their kids about the social, economic, and political consequences of making such a choice.

Mr. Inkenti’s MOVIENOMICS Rating: Only One Thumb Up! Worth a watch for Pawan Kalyan and paisa vasool for fans!



  1. kumar said

    I dont know what happened to pawan, It must be the longest(7yrs) period for a star without a hit. Hatsoff to fans for still waiting for a blockbuster. Pawan must atleast realise by the good openings that he must do something for the Fans

  2. Mahesh said

    Hi all , Pawan is truly king of tollywood , Inspite of many disappointed movies,he has the same craze…..pawan is excellent in the movie……u can see d movie for pawan only….and fans need the same thing… will not watch movie for heroine like other heroes……our pawan is gr8….he rockssssssssssss………..but there is a lack of story in the movie……we r very happy…..lets see next movie………….

  3. rani said

    We can expect only pokiri & bommarilu films everytime.But when compared to his previous films these film is so good.Its is a clean family entertainer from pawan.

  4. Sandeep said

    Hi everyone…i would like to ask u all a question? for any other hero, will u expect like this and criticise the film like this for the smallest loop holes of the film? for example if we take pokiri…there is no story at all but its a block buster..why didnt u raise ur voices then? will u watch the film only if story is Gud? there r so many films that are big hits without story.please put this in ur mind and watch the film to have fun but not for the story.jalsa is a complete entertainer and these kind of reviews can do nothing to Jalsa.Dont be proud that u hav written this awful review.People are watching the movie and they are liking it.No need of this kind of reviews for them.

  5. murali said

    jalsa is a clean entertainer thanks for trivikram for his dialogs and his taking even figts r very different and everyone looks good and different.for pavan bodylanguage and for his dialog delivery trivikram words r suitable and their combination is excellent this is what we r expecting from pavan and his next film was “puli” which will be directed by s.j surya ,pavan doing dual role in that film one was cop and music by ar rehman so things r going good for pavan . lets make jalsa it will break all records …..

  6. girija said

    so why do our writers sit down to write a story and repeatedly make a bad job of it? can they not consider taking up well known short stories or novels by good authors.,from any language. of the recent movies Gamyam had a good story , the actors couldnt have spoiled it. if only pavan , the classy hero could have done such a story, would there be any stopping him?

  7. Mahesh said

    Please dont consider the above review, if u want the real one read this….


    Sanjay Sahu (Pawan Kalyan) is a happy-go type guy. He has 2 bad habbits one is studies (dats why he is doing his 4th PG) and the other is he heavily drinks every night B’coz of his love failure (Prakash Raj Kamilini’s father doesnt accepts his love).

    While leading his life like this suddenly Bhagyamati(Ileana) his junior enters his life and falls in love with him and tries everything to get him. Parvati Melton](Jo) also likes him a lot. Also she expresses her love before Bagu(Bagyamati) but fails to win the heart of Sanjay.

    Sanjay accepts Bagu’s proposal after waiting for a while. Meanwhile, the men of Damodara Reddy (Mukesh Rishi) -a factionist operating from a jail – keep hunting for Sanjay Sahu. He desperately wants to kill Sanjay. He even plans to kill him and at the last moment he asks his men to drop and come back.

    The rest of the story is all about why Damodar Reddy is after Sanjay and how Sanjay reacts to it.

    Comedy is the best part of the movie. Sunil entertained in the first-half. In the second-half
    Bhramanandam’s role as Pranav is excellent, scenes between him and PK are hilarioues especially the scene in which PK gives him 10/- note.

    PK’s performance is excellent, he dominated everyone in the movie. But there are no much PK’s hard core steps. Costumes of PK could have been better. Fights are good.
    Ileana role and performance is the best among her career, she did a chubby innocent girl. Scenes between Sanjay(PK) and Bagu(Ileana) are enjoyable.

    There is no need to tell about Trivikrams dilouges, asusual they are excellent and PK added flavour to them. Dilogues between PK and Prakash Raj(who played a police officer and father of both girls whom PK loved) are too good. Chalore Chalore background song picturised on them is good.

    But there are few flaws in Trivikrams direction and screenplay departments. He missed out the logic in the film(may be he dint focused). But overall the direction is good.

    Music by Devi is superb, Picturization of songs and the film is good. The entire movie is very class and rich.

    If you leave the logics aside and come to watch the movie for pure entertainment, Its really a worth watching movie.

    I rate the movie 3.5 on a scale of 5 *(3.5 / 5)

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